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Hello Devotes, Puri is known as a classic tourist destination place. Puri district is full of temples like Lord Jagannath Temple, Siruli Mahavir, Maa Mangala Temple, Maa Batamangala Temple, and many other temples that attract devotes to visit the district. Lord Hanuman worship all over Odisha & India. But in Odisha, Siruli Mahavir is a famous Hanuman Temple. Let’s explore the Temple.

About Siruli Mahavir Temple

The temple is situated in Siruli Village, Chandanpur, Puri District. the temple is 26 K.M far from Lord Jagannath Temple Puri. there is a big story behind the temple. the place where the temple is situated was a Jungle named Khinikhina Bana, which is full of Banana Trees.

Siruli Mahavir History & Story

Lord Hanuman Stay in Lord Jagannath Temple but for some reason, Lord Jagannath Said to Hanuman to go back to Adehi Paunda which is equal to 26 K.M so Lord Hanuman Temple is situated at Chandanpur as Siruli Mahaveer. after that Lord Hanuman worshiped at Chandanpur.

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siruli mahavir Temple

There in the temple, a big festival is observed in April month in Bisub Sankranti or Pana Sankranti which is the birth date of Lord Hanuman.

Siruli Mahavir Tail

Siruli Mahavir Tail is situated in Manapur village which is 1 K.M far from the main temple. in this area show the tail of Lord Hanuman and people go there and worship the tail.

Siruli Mahavir Distance

This is a famous temple in Odisha and a lot of devotes came here to fulfill their wishes. Siruli Mahavir distance from Bhubaneswar is 65 K.M. and distance from Puri is 26 K.M. Cuttack to the temple distance is 84 K.M.

Siruli Mahavir Location

Siruli Mahavir Image/Photos

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More About The Place

Nearest Bus Stand

Sukal Bus Stand is the nearest bus stop to the temple which is 8 K.M far from the temple.

Hotels Near The Temple

This is a village so there are no such hotels & restaurants near the temple. you can find it at either in Chandanpur or all facilities available in Puri.

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Best Time To Visit

Every time of the year is good for visit the temple but in Pana Sankranti is the best time to visit the temple.


This is a famous Hanuman temple near Puri & devotes believe that Lord Hanuman fulfill their wishes so you are planning to visit Puri then must visit the temple. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


What is the story of Siruli Mahavir?

The Temple is created in Khinikhina Bana, when Lord Jagannath says to Lord Hanuman go back Adhei Paunda that is 26 K.M then the temple is created at Siruli village Chandanpur.

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