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Hello Friends are you want to visit hills, temple & cave at one place then stay here, there is a one place in which you get all these three things that is Olasuni Temple, Olasuni Cave & Olasuni hiils. Let’s know all about this Olasuni place.

About & History Of Olasuni Temple

Olasuni is name of the hill at the top of hill a temple situated name Olasuni Temple which is a Samadhi Pitha of Santha Arakhita Das. This hill & cave goes under Jajpur District. Olasuni is border line of Cuttack Jajpur & Kendrapada also. It is near Paralakhemundi. There is no rustication for any religion people all religion people allowed here.

Olasuni Temple

The famous food here is Poda Pitha which attract people more. road to the hill is very attractive & natural trees beside of road make it eye catching. In the temple there are Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra & Maa Subhadra worshiped & also lord Hanuman get worship.

The temple is famous for skin cure. many devotes says that every type of skin disease cured by god there. This place is full with tourist in winter season due to it’s nature. In Olasuni tourist can stay in Guest house by giving Identity card with Rs.500 Per day. There is cave named Arakhita cave due to Santha Araskhita Das.

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Every year in January 20 all observed Olasuni Jatra(mela) many devotes came here for observe the occasion with out any invitation only for Maa blessings.

Olasuni Distance

Many tourist 7& devotes came here so want the distance between them to Olasuni. Chandikhol to Olasuni temple distance is 26 K.M, Bhubaneswar(bbsr) to Olasuni hill distance is 86 K.M, kendrapara to olasuni distance is 22 K.M & it very near to Lalitgiri that is only 2 K.M so any visitor can visit both place.

Images for Olasuni Temple/Hill/Cave

Some images of Olasuni temple & cave that must attract you for visiting the place in winter season

Hotels Near Olasuni

There is no hotels near this place but in the tourist destination there is a guest house all tourist can stay there at Rs.500

Nearest Bust stand

Nearest bus stand to Olasuni is Chandikhol Bust stand which is via NH 53 & 22 K.M far takes 25 Min to reach in the destination.


I hope you like this tourist place along with our article. if you are in Jajpur or Cuttack or near this destination place you must try to explore this place this is the one of the best tourist spot in Jajpur. you have any suggestion about this place feel free to coment below.

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Olasuni in which district?

Jajpur, but it is in the border line of Cuttack & Jajpur so people confuse about that.

Is Olasuni have Guest Hose?

yes, there is guest house for tourist but they charges Rs.500 for one room for a day

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