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Hello Friends, Odisha is full of temples in every corner of Odisha you must find small or big temples. In the Anugul district, Maa Hingula Temple is very famous. from every district, people go to the Talcher for visiting Maa temple. Let’s explore this temple.

About Hingula Temple

Maa Hingula Temple is situated in Goapl Prasad Village Talcher on the river bank of Simhada. In Assam state, there is also a temple named Jwalamukhi temple where maa Hingula is worshiped as another form of the goddess.

Talcher is a mining-affected area so there are many small lakes situated & these are also attracted visitors to visit the place. In the holy place, a Jatra is observed that is Hingula Jatra which is very famous all over Odisha. you may also like to visit Maa Ugratara Temple Bhusundapur.

Maa Hingula Temple

Maa Hingula is also known as fire devi & goddess of anger. there is a big history of why maa worship in Talcher. Hingula Yatra is observed for 9 days in the Summer season of every year. before Maa temple, there is another Maa Karadei Temple for visiting.

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Maa Hingula Temple Distance

It is one of the famous maa temples in Odisha, so people want to visit the place. Talcher to Hingula Temple distance is 28 K.M. Angul to Temple distance is 20 K.M, Bhubaneswar to Hingula Temple distance is 138 K.M far.

Hingula Temple Location

Maa Hingula Temple Image

  • Hingula Temple image
  • Hingula Temple

More About This Temple

Nearest Bus Stand

Talcher bus stand is the nearest bus stop to the destination place which is 15 K.M far

Nearest Railway Station

Angul and Talcher are the nearest railway Stations which are about 23 and 30 KMs respectively from the destination place

Best Time To Visit

All time of the year is perfect for visiting but in Hingula Yatra is the best time to visit.


This is a holy place and a famous Petha in Odisha and this must-visit temple. If you are near to Talcher or Angul district must visit this place. If you have any suggestions about this place or more knowledge this place feels free to comment below.

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