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Hello Visitors, Sundergarh is a district full of natural beauty & tourist places. Tensa Nature Camp is the best for spending time with nature in this district. many tourists visit there to spend their holidays. Let’s explore the nature camp.

About Nature Camp

Sundergarh district is adorned with lush jungles, tribal culture & tourist treasures among them Tensa Nature Camp is very nature friendly. the Camp is situated at the top of the hill. The view from the Camp is awesome but it is not described in words.

This Nature Camp is situated in Mining affected area of Koira Block Sundergarh. It is a tourist attraction place in the district. Dense forest and Pleasant natural scenery attract the visitor to visit the place. For staying at night there are facilities of the cottage in the Nature Camp. the main attraction of the cottage is its name which is given in the name of the season of the year.

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tensa nature camp distance

The place is like a haven in Odisha. the food served in the camp is very hygienic & testy as per the customer. there is also a watch tower for better view & photography. You may also like to visit Galaxy Nature Camp Dublagadi.

Tensa Nature Camp booking is available online which is done by the Government of Odisha for booking click here. this nature camp booking price is 4000 per suite per day. you can book online.

Tensa Nature Camp Distance

It is a famous Nature Camping destination place, so tourists want to visit this place. Rourkela to Tensa Nature Camp is 95 K.M, Bhubaneswar to Nature Camp distance is 283 K.M. you can go by train or flight, or bus.

Tensa Nature Camp Location

Tensa Nature Camp Images

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More About This Nature Camp

Nearest Bus Stand

Tensa Bus Stop is the nearest bus stop to the Camp it is only 1.2 K.M far from the nature camp.

Nearest Railway Station

Rourkela railway station is near the Nature camp which is 98 K.M far.

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Hotels Near The Camp

If you book a cottage then they serve food, and you do not need any type of hotel in the nature camp.


It is one the best nature camps available in Odisha, its natural beauty is really enjoyable so this is the place where you can find some peace & this camp is specially designed for nature lovers. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about this camp feel free to comment below.


Which railway station is near to Tensa nature camp?

Rourkela railway station, which is 98 K.M far from the camp

Which waterfall is near Tensa?

Khandadhar waterfall, which have also nature camp.

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