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Hello, Friends are you in Balasore then there is Dublagadi Sea Beach which is full of nature & there is also a Galaxy Nature Camp in which tourists can stay there & enjoy the sea beach. this beach is near Bagda Sea beach. Let’s Explore more about the sea beach & Nature camp. There is Sarisua Waterfall in Balasore District which is the best waterfall to visit.

About Dublagadi Sea Beach

Dublagadi Sea Beach is one of the tourist places in Baleswar. the main attraction to the tourist is red crab and the clean sea beach. the coast is surrounded by forest & the environment is highly clear that there is no crowd. There is another beach near this Parikhi Sea Beach which is also good to visit.

Dublagadi Sea Beach

The morning sunrise & evening sunset is the best ever sense on that beach. Pollution-free beach with red crabs walking on the beach makes it very beautiful. there are also cottages & resorts available for tourists/ visitors at a cheap cost. there is also a nature camp for which tourists from Bengal & Kolkata come to enjoy the beach.

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Galaxy Nature Camp

Galaxy Nature Camp is another thing that attracts tourist people to visit. In Galaxy Camp, you can stay here for enjoyment at the cheapest cost. there are many cottages available for tourists. many tourists from outside of Odisha came here like Kolkata, Bengal.

Galaxy Nature Camp

The nature camp is really awesome all the cottages are made with natural wood and the place is worth it to visit. the main time to visit the nature camp with sea beach in the winter season. it is also called Dublagadi sea beach resort.

The Galaxy nature camp pricing starts from Rs.1300 to Rs.1800 Inr per tent/Cottage. The area is totally covered by CCTV for 24*7 hours which is another security point provided by the nature camp authority.

Dublagadi Sea Beach Distance

This sea beach is one of the cleanest sea beaches in Odisha & Balasore. Tourists visit there for their refreshments. Balasore to Dublagadi distance is 27 K.M which takes only 45 Min to reach. Kolkata to Dublagadi sea beach distance is 247 K.M You can reach by train or private vehicles.

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Dublagadi & Galaxy Nature Camp Location

For safe travel to the destination, all need the exact location of the place. I give the Google map location so that every tourist can reach it easily.

Dublagadi Sea Beach Images/Photos

Dublagadi Sea & Galaxy nature camp is a wonderful place in which you spend special day with your friends and family. I give some best image that describe the beauty of the place.


If you are in Balesore or in the nearest place then we suggest visiting the wonderful & nature-oriented place and staying in a cottage which gives internal peace to you. if you have any complaints or suggestions or know more about this place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users & make our community better for all.


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