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Trampoline Parks In Nagpur:- The trampoline park is one of the best places for enjoyment and spending time. In Nagpur city, there are some trampoline parks for fun. they offer many games for all types of indoor games inside the park. Let’s explore the trampoline parks in Nagpur.

Best 4 Trampoline Parks In Nagpur

1. Xplore Trampoline Park

This is the biggest trampoline and indoor game park in Nagpur. this park is inaugurated on 9th Sept 2023. The park is situated at Central MIDC, Wadi Rd, Hingna, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001. the park offers a lot of indoor games and play zones to visitors for both adults and kids. This is a huge park that offers all types of trampoline games with sliding and game zones. you have to buy socks before entering the trampoline park.

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Xplore Trampoline Park

There are different ticket prices for different games so ask at the counter for the game zone price. The trampoline park price is given below. They provide all new games and 50+ activities inside the park. There are no vehicle parking charges but there is a bit of a parking space issue. Overall it’s worth a visit.

Xplore Trampoline Park Ticket Price


Xplore Trampoline Park Nagpur Timing

The park opens at 11 am and closes at 11 pm every day.

2. Fun Zone Trampoline Park (Kids)

This Trampoline park is situated at Empress City Mall, Empress Mill’s Chawl, Empress City, Nagpur, Maharashtra. this is a kid’s trampoline park where only kids can allowed to play. they can spend quality time inside the park. Kids can learn while enjoying inside the trampoline park. You can also visit Ramdham Water Park In Nagpur.

Fun Zone Trampoline Park Ticket Price

The ticket price of the trampoline park is Rs.299 for one hour.

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Fun Zone Trampoline Park Timing

The trampoline park opens at 11 am and closes at 10.30 pm every day.

3. Topsy Turvy Nagpur (Kids)

This trampoline park is situated at W High Ct Rd, Shankar Nagar, East Shankar Nagar, Gokulpeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra. this is the better trampoline park for kids but usually, it is very crowded. this park offers a lot of indoor games for kids. They can enjoy and learn inside the trampoline park.

Topsy Turvy Nagpur

Inside the park, kids can enjoy soft play games and trampoline games in one place. the park needs to be clean as per people’s views.

Topsy Turvy Nagpur Ticket Price

The ticket price of the park is Rs.350 per hour.

Topsy Turvy Nagpur Timing

The trampoline park opens at 12.30 pm and closes at 8.30 pm every day.

Topsy Turvy Trampoline Park Reviews

The trampoline park gets 4..5 stars out of 5 stars on Google By 2000 people.

4. JUMP Trampoline Park For Kids

This trampoline park is situated on 1st Floor, above Dr. Gyanchandani Clinic, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra. the trampoline park is specially for kids no adults are allowed into the park. parents can enjoy food inside the park while their children are playing inside the park. there are a lot of games available for kids they can enjoy and learn at the same time. if you have any kids then visit the trampoline park and make your kid’s childhood memorable.

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JUMP Trampoline Park Ticket Price

The ticket price of the trampoline park is Rs.400 per hour.

JUMP Trampoline Park Timing

The Park opens at 12.30 pm and closes at 8.30 pm every day.


In Nagpur city, there is only one trampoline park for adults and three parks for kids which are given above. Plan a trip with friends and family to visit the park and enjoy your time. if you have any suggestions or more knowledge about all these trampoline parks feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


what is the Trampoline Park Nagpur ticket price?

Rs.550 to Rs.650

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