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Hello friends today we are going to Explorer New place that is Virar Resort price 500 the place is situated today in Mumbai. The resort has many Facilities provided to its customer while they visit the resort they have multiple plans which is very affordable and at a good price for the customers.

About Virar Resort Price 500

In Mumbai, There are many Resorts available for the customers and their charges depend upon their facilities there are many Resorts that provide facilities under 500 rupees we are going to explore these resorts and learn about their facilities’ merit list and demerits.

Virar Resort Price 500 With Food

In Virar, Mumbai finding a Resort under Rs.500 is very difficult, but if you want to stay in a hotel or guest house it is effortless to find many hotels & guest houses. Let’s know about some of them that provide at lower cost with good facilities to the customers. You can visit Bhaje Waterfall in Mumbai.

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Virar Resrot Price 500 With Food

1. Swagat Resort & Hotel

Swagat Resort in Virar is one of the best resorts available in the city on pocket pocket-friendly budget which is under Rs.500. This resort is situated at Arnala Beach Rd, near Prabhat Colony, Arnala, Virar West, Virar, Maharashtra. they offer a big and good water park with an amusement park for enjoyment which is included in the price.

Swagat Resort Virar

You can find food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, and other activities all without needing to leave the resort. You can also visit the rooms in OYO, or visit their official website. Their packages include a food package, Breakfast, Lunch, a high tea Overnight Package Dinner, and the Next day’s morning Breakfast. they also include 24-hour room service, a Water park, a Rain dance, and a special park for children.

Swagat Resort Package Price

Package NamePrice
One Day PackageRs.499
Over Night PackageRs.1200
Couple A/C PackageRs.2000
Couple Non A/C PackageRs.1800

Swagat Resort Contact Details

Phone +91 9798500600
Email[email protected]
LocationArnala Beach Road, near Prabhat Colony, Arnala, Virar West, Virar, Maharashtra

2. Maanas Resort

In the second number, there is a good resort, Maanas Resort which provides many facilities at a low price. it is situated at Navapur – Arnala Rd, Arnala, Virar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Maanas Resort is in beautiful Arnala near the sea. Surrounded by coconut trees, it gives you fresh air and makes you feel good. We have 4 big swimming pools with fun new water slides and slides for kids. You can enjoy a big wave pool and waterfall with your friends or family. We give homemade buffet lunch and dinner. The resort is near Arnala Beach, just a 5-minute walk away. We have affordable rooms for a lot of people.

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Maanas Resort

Maanas Resort Package Price

Package NamePrice
One Day PackageRs.700
Over Night PackageFloating Rates

Maanas Resort Contact Details

Contact Number9604932006 / 9763150450/ 9881411464
Email[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here
LocationNavapur – Arnala Rd, Arnala, Virar West

3. Anand Resort

Price wise it is the third best resort available in Virar. this resort is situated at Anand Farm, Arnala Seashore Rd, Arnala, Virar West, Virar, Tembhi, Maharashtra. Come close to the city, and find nature’s beauty. Relax and chill in just a day. They’re there to take care of everything you need. Only 30 kilometers from Borivali, you’ll discover Arnala Beach, where The Anand Resort sits by the shore. It’s got the vibes of a countryside village with its pretty natural shades, green banana farms, tall coconut trees, swaying crops, village-style huts, and some DJ Music for your soul.

Anand Resort Virar

Anand Resort Package Price

Package NamePrice
One Day PackageRs.750/ Per Person
One Day Package(Kids 3-10 Year)Rs.400
Over Night PackageRs.1250 room charges extra
Over Night Package(Kids 3-10 Year)Rs.800
Couple Package Non-AcRs.2400
Couple Package ACRs.2600
Wooden Cottage ACRs.3000

Anand Resort Contact Details

Phone Number91585 33988 / 9822046999 / 9226937820
Email[email protected]
Official WebsiteClick Here


This is the top listed resort available in Virar in terms of lowest price and with good facilities. if you want to visit or spend time in the city you may choose one of the above and stay there. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about resorts available in Virar let me know in the comment section, and we can add some value to our lists. we hope you like our post-Virar Resort Price 500 with food.

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Does the Resort In Virar provide food in all the packages?


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