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Hello Friends, are you planning an adventurous trip with friends then there is a great tourist place is Kalu Waterfall, where nature and beauty mixed in one place. the place where you can spend the whole day without any reminders to come home. That’s like heaven on earth. Let’s explore the waterfall.

Kalu Waterfall Information

This waterfall is situated at Malshej Ghat, Thane district, Maharashtra State. This waterfall is known as God’s Valley because of its beauty, it’s like heaven on Earth. Kalu is a place where you see both beauty and dangerous appearances in one place. It is very difficult to express in words the beauty of the place.

Especially in monsoon time, nature shows its original beauty but be aware of the danger in the mountains. The waterfall’s height is 1200 feet and it originated from Harishchandragad hill. it is the biggest waterfall in Malshej Ghat.

kalu waterfall distance

To reach the waterfall you have to trek mountains and bad roads. The Kalu waterfall trek difficulty level is medium and there are many teams that help you to reach the waterfall by passing the river but their service is paid, you have to book online ticket before going to the waterfall. This trek also known as God Valley via old Malshej Ghat is safe and suitable for girls, women, and solo travelers.

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Near this waterfall, is another waterfall flow named Mahuli Waterfall (by local people). both waterfalls meet at a point a create the Kalu River. the waterfall falls from the mountain in five stages and that makes the upper stage and ground stage of the waterfall.

You can enjoy the reverse waterfall in Kalu due to its long height and high water flow on monsoon days.

Attraction Of Kalu Waterfall Malshej Ghat

To visit the waterfall there are many attraction points that attract people to visit the waterfall. that are given below.

  • The excitement of walking through a forest or trekking
  • The forest adventure includes crossing waterfalls, rivers, and streams along the way.
  • Take in the breathtaking sights of Malshej’s scenic route
  • Seeing the magnificent Kalu Waterfall
  • Enjoying the Malshej Ghat at its peak beauty
  • Go on a trek through beautiful landscapes, including green valleys, misty mountains, and pristine forests.
  • Enjoy a revitalizing swim in the cool waterfall waters.

Things To Do In Kalu Waterfall

  • Take a refreshing dip in the cool waters.
  • Took a Water bottle and some dry food.
  • Capture nature’s beauty through photography.
  • Have a relaxing picnic with your family or friends.
  • Observe various birds in their natural habitat
  • Go on hikes along nearby paths
  • Try fun rock climbing or rappelling activities
  • See stunning views from nearby spots
  • Relax and find inner peace in the quiet of the dense forest during meditation.
  • Do not try to take public transport because it’s very hard to reach.
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Kalu Waterfall Trek

Due to the mountain area, visitors have to trek about 2 to 3km to reach the waterfall whose difficulty level is medium and there are many private organizations that help to reach and explore the waterfall.

Kalu Waterfall Timings

There is no such time limit to visit the waterfall but you need to properly plan to visit and you need at least 2 days to explore the waterfall and beauty of the nature.

Kalu Waterfall Distance

This waterfall is a hidden gem place and recently it gets known by people so many people from Maharashtra and other states came to visit the waterfall and Malshej Ghat. Kalyan to Kalu waterfall distance is 32 km. This waterfall distance from Bangalore is 986 km by Air you can reach it in 1 hour only. The waterfall distance from Pune is 120 km.

Kalu Waterfall Location

Kalu Waterfall Photos

More About The Waterfall

Nearest Bus Stop

Waghechiwadi Bus Stand is the nearest bus stop to the waterfall but we recommended to visit in your private vehicle.

Nearest Railway Station

Kalyan Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the waterfall which is 91 km far.

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Hotels Near The Waterfall

There are many small shops through the road to the waterfall and you can stay in the village for less price for the night.

Best Time To Visit The Waterfall

This is one of the best beautiful places in the state. the waterfall is open all over the year but the monsoon time which is July to November is the best time to visit which maximizes the beauty of nature also you can visit in summer days but the water level is very low compared to monsoon time.


This is called God’s Valley and the place never disappoints you in beauty but be careful in monsoon days. We recommended that plan a trip with your friends and family to visit the waterfall. The waterfall is must visit place for nature and adventurous people. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the waterfall feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


In which state is the Kalu waterfall?

Thane District, Maharashtra State

Which area is Kalu Waterfall?

Malshej Ghat

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