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Hello tourist are ready for explore Koraput with IndiaTour360 stay here i am with a new hidden tourist attraction waterfall named Bari Waterfall also called as Bada Bari waterfall Lodha Lodha Waterfall. This Bari Waterfall situtaed in Odisha Andhra Pradesh Border Line also you can visit another waterfall in Koraput is Gulmi Waterfall which famous for it’s Nature.

About Bari Waterfall

This waterfall is situated in Koraput Dist at Narayanpatna of Odisha and another waterfall near this called Lodha Waterfall. both waterfall are famous for their natural views and Nature beauty. Another point of attraction is the road to the waterfall is very eye catching and full with tress and road curve which make it another heaven.

Bari Waterfall

The road are surrounding by Forest and Hills are more attractive than other thing in waterfall. and your journey must be very memorable you can not forget about this road trip to Bala Bari Waterfall.

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Location Of Bari fall

There are many difficult to reach waterfall because there is no proper road to reach the place. Tourist have to climb hill to reach the destination that is approximately 800 Meter to climb. Bari waterfall is 32 K.M distance from Koraput Town. It is 44 K.M far from Damanjodi.

We Provide Google map to the particular waterfall so every one can go to the place without facing any problem. There are no hotels and food shops near the waterfall so keep in mind that you take sufficient food for that tour.

Jeypore To Bari Waterfall Distance

Jeypore To Bari Waterfall Distance is only 6 K.M far so you can stay there in hotels and enjoy the waterfall. The Nature beauty of this place is very attractive so many people go to visit this place. Due to Odisha Andhra Pradesh Border line waterfall so many out of Odisha tourist came to enjoy this place.

Images of Bari Waterfall

For Tourist we attach some of Bala bari Waterfall Images so you can get references.

The Road to the waterfall making by cutting the hills at small point and then the mud road started in the nearest of the waterfall.

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I hope you all like this waterfall article if you have any suggestion or more know about this place feel free to comment below so that we can add more things to the new tourist for this place and make our platform better for tourist and Helping Them to Explorer India.


Where is Bari fall?

Bari Waterfall is situated in Koraput Dist at Narayanpatna. It is near Lodha Waterfall in the same district.

Which is the best waterfall of Koraput district?

Bari Is the one of the most visited waterfall in Koraput and it is famous for it’s natural beauty and Picnic Spot.

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