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Hello Friends, want to chill holiday with your friends & family at a waterfall in Cuttack district that is Deojhar Waterfall Narasinghpur Odisha. which is very famous for its natural beauty and picnic spot. Let’s know about this beautiful waterfall in Cuttack District.

About Deojhar Waterfall

Deojhar waterfall is situated in Badamba, Narasinghpur Block, Cuttack. This waterfall is also called the “Diandhar waterfall” in local areas. This place is one of the best waterfall & picnic spots in the Bhubaneswar-Cuuatck area. it become more attractive due to in green forest & mountains surroundings.

Deojhar Waterfall

Many people from every corner of Odisha visit this place it is also known for its calm atmosphere. here a Maa temple is worshiped named “Maa BanaDurga Pitha”. Tourists go there to get the blessing of Maa. In winter there are more people who visit for picnics and to enjoy nature.

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You can visit another waterfall that appears on the way to Deojhar which is Dabarkhola Waterfall near Badamba, this is a beautiful waterfall near Cuttack.

Deojhar Distance

Due to the popular waterfall, more people want to distance from the Deojhar waterfall Narasinghpur Odisha. bbsr(Bhubaneswar) to this waterfall distance is 120 K.M which takes approximately 2.30 hours to reach. Deojhar from Cuttack is 100 K.M far which took approximately 1.45 hours to reach the destination. Badamba to Deojhar distance 26 km.

Deojhar Park

Near Waterfall, there is also a park name Deojhar Park which is a beautiful man-made park for picnics & cooking food with friends & family. This park is near Talapunji Village. The park is situated in the Olab location. Deojhar Park is an awesome place to spend time with loved ones.

Deojhar Park

The park contains many flowers with some animals like rabbits, the park is made for special children many child equipment are available for children’s enjoyment. The park is surrounded by mountains and feels like natural beauty or heaven on earth.

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Deojhar Waterfall Location

As we know Deojhar Waterfall is near Narasinghpur Cuttack but it is 20 K.M far from it so to get the proper location we give the Google Maps location of Deojhar Park & Waterfall

Deojhar Waterfall Photos

Some real images/Photos of Deojhar Park & waterfall which tell you to visit the place once & took advantage of the natural beauty and of the location.

  • Deojhar waterfall & Park
  • deojhar waterfall photo
  • deojhar waterfall image

Videos Of Deojhar Waterfall

Some tourist place has beautiful videos on YouTube you also like these videos and if you watch the video before going to the pace. you gain some knowledge about this place and also the parking area foods available there and many more things so watch these videos.


I hope you all like this post about the waterfall. I think this place is full of natural beauty with the man-made park in between mountains so if you get free time then must visit the place near Cuttack. if you want to get relax with nature then that is the best place near Bhubaneswar & Cuttack.

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Which district is Deojhar Waterfall?

Deojhar waterfall & Park

Cuttack District, Narasinghpur Block

Which is the highest waterfall of Odisha?

Berehipani waterFalls is height of 1,309 feet which is the highest waterfall in odisha

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