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Hello Friends, Koraput is one of the districts in Odisha, which is full of natural beauty. There are many waterfalls among them Shakti Waterfall is very unique. Let’s explore the waterfall

About Shakti Waterfall

Shakti waterfall is situated at Jeypore, Koraput district. This waterfall is also known as “S” Waterfall & Jeypore Waterfall. this is the famous waterfall in Jeypore. many tourists go there to enjoy the waterfall water flow. this waterfall comes under Upar Kolab Power House.

Shakti Waterfall Jeypore

This is a hidden waterfall in Koraput as well as in Jeypore. main attraction point is the dense forest and mountains that cover the waterfall. there is no proper road to reach the waterfall so visitors have to find their way although the waterfall is very near to the road.

Many people do not know about the waterfall so there are no people or visitors at the destination point or waterfall so go with a group of friends to visit the place. It is the best place in the Koraput district to hiking.

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Shakti Waterfall Distance

Jeypore is the main city of the waterfall & it is a hidden tourist attraction in Koraput. Jeypore to Shakti waterfall distance is 12 K.M only. Bagra waterfall to this waterfall distance is 5 K.M.

Shakti Waterfall Location

Shakti Waterfall Images

  • Shakti Waterfall Location
  • Shakti Waterfall Jeypore

More About The Waterfall

Nearest Bus Stop

Lower Kolab Jeypore Bus stop is the nearest bus stop to the waterfall.

Hotels Near Waterfall

There are no hotels & restaurants near the waterfall but Jeypore City has all the facilities to stay in lodges & hotels.

Best Time To Visit

This is a hidden waterfall rainy season is very risky to go there so visiting in the winter season is best for enjoyment.


This is a hidden waterfall in Koraput so this needs to be more developments for tourist attraction. if you are in Koraput then prefer other waterfalls instead of this waterfall. if you want to explore the waterfall visit there. if you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below. so we can add some value to other users.

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What is Jeypore’s famous food?

Masala Tarkari

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