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Hello Friends want to explore/Visit Waterfalls in Koraput then stay here i am with a new charming waterfall place name Jalmunda Waterfall. This waterfall situtaed in Koraput also visit Gulmi Waterfall which is in the same district.

About Jalmunda Waterfall

This Waterfall is situated in Tal Mangara Village of Koraput, Near this some village named New Kota, Kendara and much more. it is a hidden waterfall. More interesting thing is that the road to this waterfall is very beautiful and more the trees and mountains around it make it more eye catching.

Jalmunda Waterfall
Jalmunda Waterfall Image

There is no proper road to go the Jalmunda Waterfall. Tourist have to climb mountain to reach their destination. Many tourist guide not recommend this waterfall. Near this waterfall a railway station available name JERATI railway station. When go to this waterfall the water sound give you better feelings. To reach at the waterfall tourist have to go through the forest/jungle.

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This is a amazing place in koraput district there is no proper road to go but if you go then never regrets after watching this waterfall. Proper road not available but nice trekking experience.

Jalmunda Waterfall Images

Before going to this place tourist want some images/photo or videos as per their experience so some beautiful image of waterfall with vloging videos from YouTube we attach below, hope you all like this media.

  • jalmunda-waterfall-image

Jalmunda Waterfall Location/Google Map

Those traveller who wants to go this aterfall for them we give proper google map location to rach happily to their destination also you can visit another waterfall Bari in Koraput

Distance To Jalmunda Waterfall

There is no proper road to this waterfall from kota village. the distance from koraput o Jalmunda is only 12 K.M which take only 20 Min to reach the waterfall easily. and 20 K.M from Koraput town to this waterfall.

Hotels Near Jalmunda

There are no hotels near Jalmunda but due to near Koraput and Koraput town you can stay at any hotels at Koraput and there number of hotels available for staying night.

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i hope you all like this video about new waterfall in Koraput. if you know more about this waterfall and any suggestion to us feel free to comment below or contact us so we add some value to our other user and make our platform better for other user.


Is Jalmunda Waterfall Free to Entry?

Yes, this waterfall totally free for its visitors. Anyone travel this waterfall near koraput

Is There Proper Road To Go Jalmunda Waterfall?

No, there is no proper road to go to this waterfall you have to trekking mountain to reach the destination.

How far Koraput To Jalmunda Waterfall?

Koraput to Jalmunda waterfall is only 12K.M, but go through personally bike is much better.

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