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Hello Friends, welcome to Koraput. if you are in Koraput or planning to visit then don’t miss the most beautiful waterfall that is Bagra Waterfall it is one of the hidden beautiful waterfall in Koraput. also visit another waterfall like Bari Waterfall & Jalmunda Waterfall near it.

About Bagra Water-fall

Bagra Waterfall is Situated in Bagra Village & it is one the hidden beauty of Koraput. The water of this waterfall come from Kolab dam then it become a waterfall. it is near of koraput town & Jeypore. The natural view of the waterfall is very attractive and in the road you saw many mountains which is the main attraction of koraput.

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Bagra Waterfall

Road to the waterfall is good for bikes and also good for car. The waterfall is also suitable for picnic, to reach to the final waterfall you have to trekking some mountains. The Location of waterfall is suitable for photo shoot for pre wedding and post wedding. Nice location for planning outdoor get together and picnic parties

Bagra Waterfall Distance

To reach in the destination first all need the distance. jeypore to Bagra waterfall distance is only 15 K.M which take only 30 Min to reach in the waterfall & the distance from Koraput town is 30K.M so any one can easily reach to the waterfall. koraput to Bagra waterfall distance is 18 K.M

Bagra Waterfall Location/Google Map

Those who really want to visit the place/waterfall for their smooth travel journey i give the exact google location for that your travel should be better & complete without any problem. the spot is also for picnic

Bagra Waterfall Images/Photos

Some beautiful images of this waterfall which is more attractive to show the beauty of the location are given, enjoy the real image of the waterfall and comment below.

Bagra Waterfall

Some YouTube videos those describe the original beauty of the waterfall and give the original sight of the destination place please watch the video and you get full information about this waterfall. The video Credits goes to the original owner of the YouTube channel.

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What is Jeypore to Bagra waterfall distance?

15 K.M is the distance between Jeypore to this Waterfall. You can go through bike and car to the waterfall

What is Koraput to Bagra waterfall distance?

18 K.M is the distance between Koraput to this waterfall to through NH26/NH326

Is Bagra waterfall good For Photography?

Yes, the waterfall location is best for pre wedding & post wedding photoshoot.

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