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Hello Friends, Similijhar Waterfall is one of the good tourist destinations places in Nayagarh district. many visitors visit there for the feast. There is also a picnic spot for cook food & enjoy the time. Let’s explore the waterfall.

About Similijhar Waterfall

Similijhar Waterfall is known as Simili or Panikhia Waterfall. It is situated in Simli Village, Khallikote forest range, Nayagarh district. It is a famous picnic spot in Nayagarh. It is the Simil waterfall is the nearest waterfall to Bhubaneswar, so many people came to visit the waterfall.

simili waterfall

The picnic spot is very Garbage by the visitors due to much use of plastic bottles, cooking Garbage, etc. if the government looks into the matter then it will be a good experience for the tourist. the road to the waterfall is very good and attractive for the visitors who come here.

The atmosphere of the waterfall is surrounded by rocks and trees that are awesome for cooking in the destination place.

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Simili waterfall Distance

It is the nearest waterfall to Bhubaneswar so many people want to visit the waterfall. Simili waterfall distance from Bhubaneswar is 109 K.M. Simili(Similijhar) Waterfall distance from Cuttack is 129 K.M. Nayagarh to Simili waterfall distance is 23 K.M.

Similijhar Waterfall Location

Similijhar Waterfall Photos

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  • Similijhar Waterfall
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More About The Waterfall

Nearest Bus Stand

Sarankul Bus Stop is the nearest bus stand which is 12 K.M far from the waterfall.

Hotesl Near Similjhar

There are no hotels near Simili but after 15 K.M far At-Badaput, Post-Panchirida, Dist, Sarankul, Odisha 752080 there are some hotels for eating food.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the waterfall is in the Winter season.


This is a beautiful place near Bhubaneswar so you may go to visit but this place needs more clear from Garbage. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to other users.


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