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Hello Tourists, are you looking for a waterfall in Gajapati District which is surrounded by nature then Mankadadian Waterfall is best for visiting & picnic with friends & family members. This is a very height waterfall. another waterfall is Gandahati Waterfall In Gajapati District. Let’s Explore this waterfall

About Mankadadian Waterfall

Mankadadian Waterfall is situated in Kanakata Village in the Eastern Ghats. it is very near the Baghalati Dam which is in Ganjam District. It is a very high Waterfall in the district. Its height is about 100 ft from the ground.

The waterfall has a suitable environment for picnics & blesses nature. The greeny scenery on the way to the waterfall is very attractive to visitors. on the road, you can see big mountains that make the place unique.

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Mankadadian Waterfall photos

The waterfall has a place for picnics & feasting with friends & family. There are no entry fees for going to the waterfall for the bikers. The waterfall place has big stones that make it unique. Visitors have to go slowly & carefully through the stones.

The water of the waterfall is very clear & cool which is very suitable for taking bath. many tourists take bath in the waterfall. The road to the waterfall is very narrow so bike is preferable for going to the place.

Mankadadian Waterfall Distance

It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Gajapati district, so people want to visit the waterfall and spend free time with loved ones. Mankadadian waterfall distance from Berhampur is 68 K.M, and Mankadadian waterfall distance from Bhubaneswar(bbsr) is 238 K.M, The waterfall distance from Ganjam is 104 K.M

Mankandadian Waterfall Location

Due to popular tourist attractions in the district, many visitors from the dist and outside of the dist want to visit the place so we give Google Map location of the destination place.

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Mankandadian Waterfall Images/Photos

  • Mankadadian Waterfall photos
  • Mankadadian Waterfall Distance

More About Mankadadian Waterfall

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the waterfall is the Winter season. The rainy season is very bad for travel due to road & heavy waterfalls from mountains.

Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest Bus stop to the waterfall is the Nuasahi Bus stand which is 23 K.m far from the destination place.

Hotels Near Waterfall

There is no proper hotels & restaurant to eat and stay but 12 K.M far a hotel named Dash Hotel Turubudi Rd, Nuagada for some food.

Extra Tips

Visitors need to carry food with them when traveling to the waterfall. Ride a motorbike when going to the waterfall. Carry some first aid due to some mountain trekking for reaching the waterfall.


It is must visit place for feasting & picnic with family & friends. Don’t travel solely to that place. if you have any suggestions for our post or more knowledge about that place feel free to comment below so that we can add some value to other users.

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What is the Mankadadian waterfall distance from Berhampur?

68 K.M far

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