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Hello, Tourists are looking for any seabeach for a feast and picnic near Keonjhar then Sonamuni Jungle Beach is the perfect place for you. This beach is full of natural beauty with an awesome atmosphere, which attracts tourists to the destination place very much. Let’s Explore the jungle beach.

About Sonamuni Beach

Sonamuni Beach/Sonamoni Beach is situated in Sanapurunapani, Manoharpur Village Keonjhar District. To your knowledge, there is no sea in this area but it is called a beach because as the beach there is full of sand then sea water like that Baitarani River passes and the river shore full of sand so that place called Jungle beach.

Sonamuni Jungle Beach

The place is surrounded by a Forest/Jungle with mountains which makes it more attractive to visitors. The place is perfect for feasting or cooking food with friends and family & spend time. For taking a bath the place is more familiar than other places.

To reach the destination place visitors have to walk or small trek of approximately 1 km. K.M. the road is in between jungles so it becomes more pleasant to walk for tourists.

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Sonamuni Jungle Beach Distance

Tourists are very interested in visiting this mind-blowing place and the natural beauty makes Sonamuni a unique place. The distance from Arikul Dam to Sonamuni Beach is 112 K.M, Bhubaneswar to Sonamuni Jungle distance is 185 K.M, Keonjhar to Sonamuni Jungle Distance is 75 K.M

Sonamuni Jungle Beach Location

Sonamuni is a famous tourist attraction so many tourists want to visit the place so we give Google Map location of the place.

Sonamuni Jungle Beach Photos/Images

Images clarify the beauty of the place through the internet so we give some beautiful photos of the destination place.

  • sonamuni beach photo
  • sonamuni jungle beach images
  • sonamuni beach photos

More About Sonamuni Beach

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the jungle beach is except rainy season because the road is very bad during these days and the winter season is the best for visiting the place.

Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest bus stop to the destination place is Thakurmunda Bus Stop, which is 17 K.M far from the place.

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Hotels Near Sonamuni

There are no Hotels/ Restaurants near the place. 15 km away there are two small hotels where you can find some food to eat.

Some Extra Tips

Before visiting the place you keep your mind that you have to walk 1 km on a muddy road. Took some dry food & water for tiffin. Took necessary things which need for your feast & cooking.


This is a mind-blowing natural place to visit. This is a place you can enjoy with friends and family. The location is very good for feast & bath in the river. If you have any suggestions about this post or more knowledge about this place feel free to comment below.


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