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Hello Friends, Welcome To IndiaTour it is the start of our journey, and also we confirm that you also visit with us. you must hear about Pir Jahania Beach of Astaranga. it is the most visited beach in Puri Dist and the visiting cost is very low than another sea beaches. and also less crowded in that place. There is no fee for that particular place.

Astaranga Jahania Beach is situated 7 K.M distance from Astarnaga. it goes under the Astaranga block of Puri Dist. and the sea beach is near the road and with forest so many tourists came to Fisti(cook) with their family and friends. To swim in the sea there is no regulation and no security or Life Guard appoints in the beach.

Pir Jahania Story

Pir Jahania Temple

The story behind Pir Baba Jahania is mainly unknown to others but known to the local people. here all Hindu and Muslim religion people worship god together and there is no limitation for worship. Here both Hindu god Sai Baba and Muslim God Pir Stay together so it is called Pir Baba. As per locals it is the combined place for two religions and they are also treated as brothers.

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Famous Bali Jatra In Astaranga

Here people observe the famous Bali Jatra in starting of winter in Kartik Masa. the festival goes two days and above 1 Lakh people attend this festival. This festival mainly occurs when Cuttack Bali Jatra occurs. People from many dist come here to celebrate this holy festival.

Jahania Sea Beach Distance From Bbsr

The Capital Of Odisha Bhubaneswar (bbsr) from which Jahania Beach is a way rooted place so people who want to know Jahania Beach Distance from bbsr is around 77 K.M which takes around 2.3 Hours on a bike in normal riding. There are many private buses available From bbsr to Astaranga.

Jahania Sea Beach

Jahania Beach Distance From Cuttack

Astaranga Jahania Beach Distance From Cuttack is 84 K.M and it takes approximately 2.30 hours. and here many private buses are available for tourists visiting Jahania Beach.

Hotels Near Astaranga Beach

There are no facilities for staying in Jahania Sea Beach and within a 5 K.M radius of Kakatpur you can stay in some Lodge which is available near the beach which is a 20 KM distance from Jahania Beach. may in future people build any house for staying and in these days there Govt. Provided house available but it is not good as much.

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Location Of Pir Jahania

Who wants to visit Astaranga Beach directly by bike and car for the first time and doesn’t know the proper road for them we provide the Google map location so that they easily reach their destination Jahania.


This is a perfect place to spend a whole day in feast and natural sea beach enjoyment with your friends and family. if you have any suggestions about this place or post feel free to comment below.


Who is Pir Jahania?

The Place Pir Jahania Is named because the place where both Hindu & Muslim together and observe festival. The place has Hindu God Sai Baba and Muslim God Pir so it is called as Pir Jahania.

How far is pir jahania beach from bhubaneswar?

From Odisha Capital Bhubaneswar(bbsr) to Pir Jahania about 79 K.M and take approximately 2.30 hours in bike and also some private bus are available to Astaranga

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