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Hello friends as before we know Astaranga is full of tourist places and temples if you are planning to visit Maa Keluni Temple and Keluni Muhana (mouth) then know all about that place at udayakani beach. This place slowly slowly reaching to the tourist and the beauty and sea beach attract more people.

If any one planning to Visit Maa Ukulei Temple or Jahania Sea Beach then they must visit Maa Keluni Temple and enjoy the beauty of nature. you must give love to this place.

How To Reach Maa Keluni Temple

Friends if you want to visit Maa keluni Temple along with Keluni Muhana then it is 14 K.M far from main city of the local Astaranga. it is situated in Keutajanga Village. Here three river and Sea(Bay Of Bengal) combine at one place, these three river are Prachi River, Nala River and Kadua River so it is called as Keluni Mandir.

Maa Keluni Temple
Maa Keluni Temple

It is famous place in local like Nimapada, Niali, kakatpur. visitors came with their friends and family for Cooking food and spend their holiday. This place is very crowed in Sunday and like Govt. holidays. There is also a temple named Beleswar Temple.

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Location of Maa Keluni Mandir

If you want to visit without facing an problem and get direct direction for that we provide Google map proper location to the place so any one can reach without any problem.

Facilities In keluni Muhana

The Main thing is that Beauty of Nature apart from that there many attractive things which may attract many tourist to that particular place that is there offered Boating Service at a minimal fees which is affordable by all. The boating facilities totally private. Small shops who helps to buy products to cook foods and for your enjoyment.

Another attraction is that many fishery man catch fish at the meeting point (muhana) of the sea and three rivers.

Attractive Images Of Keluni Temple

Some images that are descibe the beauty of this place is given below so watch this images

  • Maa keluni mandir

Distance From BBSR To Keluni Temple

The distance from bbsr to keluni mandir is 79 K.M which takes approximately 2 and half hour to reach by private vehicle but if you want to reach through bus then you have to stay either in kakatpur Bus Stand or Astaranga Bus stand then go to this particular destination.

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I hope you all enjoy our post about beleswar temple and Keluni muhana. if you have any other suggestion comment below and feel free to contact us.

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