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Hello Pilgrims welcome to puri, want to visit Maa Batamangala Temple stay here i am with full information for your safe and happy journey and Maa Bata Mangala Blessings. This temple is situated in the way to Lord Jagannath Temple. The temple is mainly known of puri Dist. if anyone coming to puri from BBSR route then they must watch this temple. which is in road side.

Maa batamangala temple is called so because of it is the Mangala temple which appears in the bata(Road). this temple is also known as Savior of Puri. Maa Temple is near Atharanala Bridge. many people visit this temple for maa blessings.

Why Named As BataMangala Temple

Maa temple is one of the famous goddess temple in puri. people accept that is the another appearance of Maa Mangala and it is situated in the bata (road) so it is called as Bata Mangala. The person who visited they belive that if they take Maa Pleaser(Ashrivad) then the journey become safe and happy for all.

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How To Reach Maa Bata Mangala Temple

There are many way to reach the goddess temple easily. let’s talk about how to distance from bbsr to maa batamangala temple is 60 K.M. it may takes approximately 1.30 Hours to reach. this temple is 7K.M far from holy city puri. it is 71 K.M from Pir Jahania Sea Beach which is another tourist place in Puri Dist.

Maa Bata Mangala Temple Distance From Cuttack

If any tourist want to visit maa temple then they have to travel around 80 K.M which takes 2.30 Hours to ride in bike. There also Odisha Govt. Bus named Mo Bus available along with many private buses.

Hotels Near The Temple

i personally visit this place before writing this article. The worship things are available in temple side, A hotel near temple is served by private owner. the food available is Veg and Non-veg with Biriyani. if anyone want to stay then there are many Lodge in the holy Puri which is only 7 K.M away from temple.

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Location Of Temple

Images Of Maa BataMangala

Maa Batamangala
Image 1
Maa Bata Mangala Temple
Image 2

There are many odia songs and Odia Stusthi release about Batamangala temple and loved by people of odisha. in many god worship places this song recommended by people. Thats all about maa if you have any suggestion or feedback comment below or feel free to contact us.

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