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Hello Tourist welcome to Indiatour360.com, are you going to visit Koraput then don not miss this Best Picnic Spot and Waterfall named Gulmi Waterfall. it is the best places for picnic in Koraput Dist, although it is very near to Chhattisgarh and Odisha Border so many people from Chhattisgarh came to enjoy this place.

Kolab river forming a whirlpool at Gulmi with many large stone producing a best waterfall at this place. The sound produce by waterfall is very strong point that attract many tourist to that particular Gulmi Waterfall. it is one of the best waterfall in koraput.

Gulmi Waterfall Location

It is 100 Kms away from Koraput and 25 Kms from Chandeli (Odisha border). The distance from Bbsr(Bhubaneswar) to GulmiWater fall is 584 K.M. It takes approximately 14 hours in car. beside this waterfall a park is situated which named as Gulmi Natural Park. both places is at Dumajodi Koraput.

Above we provide Direct google map to the waterfall if any tourist want to go then they have face no problems during their travel. if you love to visit Sea Beach then came Puri Jahania Sea beach.

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Natural Views of Waterfall

There are no security or no person to take care of this place so the wasted leaf of tree make place more attractive and the large stone give enjoyable views of this place.

Gulmi Waterfall
Stones Of Gulmi Waterfall

The stairs of the Gulmi Waterfall is also very attractive to people but it is more beautiful in rainy season all around looks as green due to grass so many people also go there in that particular season. There is a small temple in between the waterfall which gives more pleasure to the tourist. and another attraction point for the people.

Kotpad to Gulmi waterfall Distance

The nearest place where you can reach this place is Kotpad and the Kotpad to waterfall distance is 31 K.M. you can go through bike car in NH63. People of local are very helpful.

Jeypore To Gulmi Waterfall Distance

Jeypore to gulmi waterfall distance is 82 K.M you can go by Bike and Car via NH 26 and NH63 both and both road are safe for raiding. The waterfall is surrounding by big trees which make it more attractive for tourist.

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