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Narendra Pokhari is situated in world famous city Puri. It is the pond/tank/Pokhari which is visited for lord Jagannath blessings, another Maa Temple before entering puri which is Maa Batamangala Temple where maa gives lots of blessing to devotes.

History of Narendra Pokhari

Narendra Pokhari Is also known as Chandan Pokhari it called so because here every year Observe Chandan Jatra of Lord Jagannath and brother. Some people called as Narendra Puskarini. Everyday many devotes came here for get some krupa from Lord Jagannath. This Pond Entry fee is 0.

Narendra Pokhari
Narendra Pokhari image

This is holy pond/tank in here Lord jagannath Chandan yatra Observ for 21 days starts from “Akshya Trutiya”. The Name is Narendra because the Later king Narendra Dev in 15 Century made this pokhari/tank. he was a big devotes of Prabhu Jagannath. This pond has 16 bath places around it and in center situated a temple name Chandana Mandap. The side of the pond surrounding by many small temple which is very eye catching to watch and visit this temples.

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The perfect time to come Narendra Pokhari is every morning, in this time you get all energy you want from the pond.

Narendra Pokhari Distance

If you want to visit Narendra tank then we give the narendra pokhari distance to clear all doubt about how to reach the pond. narendra pokhari to jagannath temple distance isonly 1.5 K.M you can reach by foot walk it can take only 20-25 Min also there are auto available by which you can reach the pond. it is only 4 K.M far from Maa BataMangala temple.

Narendra Pokhari image

Some best images of Narendra pond is given so any one can get a idea about that and which type of pond this is. This is a holy pond in India,

Hotels Near Narendra Puskarini

As you know before this pond is n Puri the holy city for this there are a lot of Private hotels including Oyo and other Government stay points are available for all type of tourist so no one face the problem for staying and Good restaurants available for food.

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Location of Narendra Pushkarini

Those who is already in puri or plan to go puri and visit this big holy pond then for their smooth travel we directly provide google Map for tourist, the map is given below.

I hope you all like and get sufficient knowledge about this pond if you more know about it feel free to comment below so we can add your value to our post and make our platform better for other users.


Where is Narendra Pokhari?

Narendra Pokhari is in Puri City and it is only 1.5 K.M far from Lord Jagannath Temple. Morning view of the pond is very attractive you can go through walking to the pond from Puri temple.

Who built Narendra tank in Puri?

In 15th Century Puri King Narendra Dev create this tank for lord Jagannath, he was a big devote of Lord Jagannath. So he make this pond for Chandan Jatra.

How far is Narendra Pokhari from Puri?

From Puri Lord jagannath Temple this Pokhari is 1.5 K.M you can go by walking and with either booking an auto or go through share auto.

Is Visiting Narendra Pond Free?

Yes, for visit this pond is totally free and there is no ticket system for entering the pokhari.

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