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Hello devotes, Welcome to another Temple of Puri District, It is a famous Shakti Pitha of Hindu people at Kakatpur, it is Maa Mangala Temple situated at Kakatpur. this Maa temple is directly connected to the Lord Jagannath Temple Puri. if anyone visits Mangala Mandir then you like to explore Maa Ukulei Temple which is about 7 K.M away from Kakatpur,

Maa Mangala Temple History

This famous temple is situated on the bank of the Prachi River, which is a holy river in Odisha. The temple was founded when Maa Mangala was found in the river after that Maa always protected the world and her devotes. Maa Mangala is one of Shakti Pitha of Odisha. People from every corner of Odisha Came to take blessings of Maa.

Maa Mangala Temple
Maa Mangala Temple

When the new Nabakalear of Lord Jagannath was Made before that they took Mangala Maa’s permission to create that. So maa Mangala is most important in Jagannath Sanskruti. We observe 13 festivals in 12 Seasons. Another big Festival of Maa is Jhamu Jatra.

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Jhamu Jatra

Jhamu Yatra(Jatra) is the biggest festival of maa Mangala in Odisha, many devote came to observe that holy and world-famous festival. above one lakh people join the festival. It is observed in the Summer Season. The Special day of Maa is Tuesday. many people came here for maa blessings. People agree that Maa fulfills the wishes of every devotee who comes to Maa temple.

Jhamu Jatra Image
Jhamu Jatra Image

Maa mangala Temple kakatpur Photos

Mangala Temple

This temple is also called as Mangala temple because the goddess name is Mangala so people called as Mangala temple. The temple full with devotes in majority in Tuesday(ମଙ୍ଗଳବାର) because people believes that Maa Gives more blessings in Tuesday so there are more people as compare to other days of week.

Maa Mangala Temple Timing

The famous temple in Kakatpur opens at 4:30 a.m. and closes at 9:30 p.m. every day.

Puri To Kakatpur Mangala Distance

The Distance between Puri To Kakatpur Mangala Distance is 55 K.M and Odisha Capital Bhubaneswar (BBSR) to Kakatpur is 65 K.M. Cuttack to Kakatpur Distance is 70 K.M. These three root have many private bus in which you may come to this place to watch maa temple. if you are in the Kakatpur then do not miss to visit Pir Jahania Sea Beach.

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Mangala Temple Kakatpur Location

For the Devotes who really want to visit Maa Temple for your safe and happy journey we provide google map for better travel. There is no Government bus to Kakatpur but many private bus from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar(bbsr) directly came to this place so without any problem you came to visit this temple.

I hope you all like our blog about Maa Temple if you know more about the temple make sure inform about that so we can add in this article so other people get helped by you. feel free to connected with us and comment about this post.


What is the other name of Maa Mangala?

There Many name of Maa Mangala that are Shakti, Kali, Chandi, Biraja and Shakti Dayini, Maa Sarala, Yogamaya

Where is Mangala situated?

The Temple situated in River bank of Prachi in Kakatpur Block of Puri District. Pin Code- 752108

Which district is Kakatpur?

Kakatpur Block refers to Puri District and it is coming under Jagatsinghpur Lok Sabha constituency.

Who is the MP of Kakatpur Odisha?

Recently In 2023 Er. TusarKanti behera is the Mp of kakatpur Odisha.

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