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Hello Devotes want to visit nearest temple in Cuttack-Athagarh area then Maa Bhattarika Temple is the best temple for visit. This is a old temple in Cuttack. the temple has many story. Beautiful place with spiritual vibes Let’s know temple nearly. near this temple a beautiful waterfall situated you may like to visit that is Dabarkhola Waterfall in Badamba

About & History Of Bhattarika Temple

Maa Bhattarika Temple is situated in Sasanga village, Mahanadi River bank Badamba Block, Cuttack District. It is a Hindu Shakti Pitha where Maa Bhattarika worshiped in the temple. after the entrance of the temple in the left side there is a Lord Shiva Temple.

The Bhattarika temple view point is very attractive due to situated in river bank you never see that type of views. Awesome place situated at the Banks of the Mahanadi river. Maa’s temple is surely worth a visit One can also enjoy some boating in the river with picnic spot.

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Bhattarika Temple

The mountain view & river view with temple make the place spiritual vibe, the place is worth it for visit. this shakti pitha is also called as Parsuram Pitha. The main festival is Dushara. Mainly Astami jatra is famous. Bali rituals was there but it has been stopped here

Apart from temple the place is habitat of many birds very rare species like Indian skimmer, River . but neither Odisha tourism nor Odisha wildlife department did not pay attention to this this if the Government make a plan it will be a great place for both spiritual people and as well as birders and bird photographers

Bhattarika Picnic Spot

There is also a picnic spot called as bhattarika picnic spot many tourist & devotes feast there and enjoy the nature with maa temple.

Bhattarika Temple Distance

Devotes with nature lover want to visit this famous temple in Badamba so tourist want to know the distance to the temple. bhattarika temple distance from Cuttack is 85 K.M which takes 2 hours to reach in the destination. Kantilo Nilamadhab to Bhattarika distance is 35 K.M which takes approximately 1 hour to reach in the temple.

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Maa Bhattarika Temple Google Map/Location

Here the google map/location of Maa temple by which every tourist reach at their destination temple without any problem. there is also a Guest room named Bhattarika Panthanivas.

Maa Bhattarika Temple Images/photos

There is some beautiful photos of maa temple which show the natural beauty of the temple along with the picnic spot.

Hotels Near Temple

There is no hotels and restaurant near temple but Bhattarika is also a picnic spot many people go there with friends & family for feast.

Nearest Bus Stop

Damangadia Bus Stand is nearest bus stop to the temple any tourist can go through the bus for visiting.


This is the place where you get spiritual atmosphere with natural beauty of Mahanadi River & mountains. so if you near the place must visit the place once. If you have any suggestion about this place or know more about this place feel free to comment below so we can add value to other user.

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Who built Bhattarika Temple?

King Parshurama Built the temple

Who is Bhattarika Devi?

Bhattarika Devi is a goddes of Power Shakti

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