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Ganjam district has many tourist places among them Maa Balakumari Temple is one of them. The temple is packed with beauty & Spiritual feelings. It is one of the tourist destinations in the Ganjam District. Let’s Explore Balakumari Temple

About Maa Balakumari Temple

The Royal family of Chikiti creates Maa Balakumari temple. The temple is situated in Radhamohanpur, Chikiti, Ganjam District. This is a very old temple created before 300 Years. The temple is situated on Kerandimala Mountain.

Maa Balakumari temple

The main attraction is nature and the green area formed by trees. The architecture of the temple is a mix of Odisha and South Indian so which makes it unique for visitors. It is also called as Balakumari Hill Station & there is also a big Shiva Linga for worship.

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Devotes believe that maa fulfill their desire & wishes. Tourists have to walk 1240 steps to reach the temple and there is a road go through the temple. this is the right place for a picnic near Brahmapur City. Goddess Durga worshiped as Maa Balakumari in the temple. In Dusherra lots of people gathered to worship maa. and this time festival starts in the temple.

Balakumari hill station

The natural view of the hill station is much better that could not be expressed by words. some image that describes the beauty of the Chikiti Ghat.

Balakumari Temple Distance

Many Devotes & tourists want to go to the Balakumari hill station as well as the temple so Gopalpur to Balakumari temple distance is 45 K.M. Berhampur to Balakumari temple distance is 32 K.M. Balakumari temple distance from Bhubaneswar is 203 K.M, Chikiti to Balakumari distance is 5.5 K.M, Aska to Balakumari distance is 68 K.m far

Balakumari Park

There is also a park near the temple in which very attractive man-made things available for children’s enjoyment like plastic animals and chairs for seating and spending time with loved ones. At the bottom of the hill station, there is also a feast place for tourists which gives visitors rent basic.

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Timing & fees Of Maa Balakumari

The opening time of the temple is 6 A.M to 6 P.M of every day and the fee for Bike is Rs.10, Car is Rs.20 and for Bus & Mini Bus fee is Rs.50 for entering the hill station

Maa Balakumari Location

for visitors’ better travel, we give Google Map location of the destination place so that everyone can reach it without facing any problems.

Maa Balakumari Temple Images/Photos

Some beautiful images of the temple describe the natural beauty of the Balakumari Chikiti destination place.

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  • balakumari images photos


Maa Temple is a very natural friendly temple that gives tourists another type of feeling. The hill station has another level of tourist attraction. This destination place is a must-visit place. The natural beauty never disappoints any tourist. if you have any suggestions or more knowledge about this place feel free to comment below so we can add value to other users.


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