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Hello Friends, Meru Matha is one of the divine places and attractive picnic spots in the Mayubhanj district. this is a good place to visit and get in touch with god in Mayurbhanj dist. Let’s explore the Matha (Monastery).

About Meru Matha (Monastery)

This Monastery is situated near Sirsa village on the Subarnarekha river bank, Mayurbhanj district. The place’s name is Meru because many years before there is a Baba living named Meru as his name is the famous monastery called Meru Matha.

Meru Matha
Meru Matha

The beauty of the Subarnarekha river bank and green trees attract local people to visit the divine place. This place is also called Dhuni Matha. this place is 41 km far from Baripada. this is a place where you can spend time with nature and god.

There is also a place on the river bank where people are allowed for cooking food & picnic there for spend time. all visitors take a bath on the river. mainly in December month, the place is very crowded for a picnic.

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Meru Matha Distance

This is a famous picnic spot in Mayurbhanj near the Subarnarekha river bank. The distance from Mayurbhanj is 50 km. from Bhubaneswar 251 km.

Meru Matha Location

Meru Matha Images

  • Meru Matha Locaion
  • Meru Matha

More About The Matha

Nearest Bus Stop

Ratila Bus Stop is the nearest bus to Matha which is only 6 km far.

Hotels Near Matha

There are some small hotels and restaurants near the Matha so you can eat food there.

Best Time To Visit

Winter season is the best time to visit. There are many people who come to picnic in December month.


This is the best picnic place near Baripada & Mayurbhanj for a picnic and visit the Matha so if you want to someplace like that then you may go to enjoy the river bank. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.

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