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Jubilee Park Baripada is the best park available in Baripada Mayurbhanj. This is the best park for spending free time in Baripada. It is one of the famous parks which is situated in the district. Let’s Explore this park

About Jubilee Park

Jubilee park is situated in Baripada Mayurbhanj District. This park is near the district collector quarter of the dist. many people in the evening visit the park to spend their free time. There is also children’s equipment for the child park.

Jubilee Park Baripada contact number

The park is situated in Kacheri Market, the park has a ticket system for entering the park. the park authority charges Rs.15 per head for visiting the park. At the entry point, there is a water show for the beauty of the park.

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jubilee park Baripada contact number is not needed due to their is a ticket counter for entering the park

Jubilee Park Distance

Jublee Park is situated in Baripada District Court, Meher Colony. Jubilee Park is a good park for spending time so many people came here to visit. Jubilee Park’s Distance from Chaulabhaja Waterfall is 32 K.M, and SibaPriya Park distance from Jubilee park is 6 K.M.

Jubilee Park Baripada Map

For a better experience for visitors, we give jubilee park map or google map location.

jubilee park Baripada Time

Jublee Park Baripada opening time is constant for every day. The park is open at 11 A.M & closes at 7 P.M evening.

Jubilee park Images/Photos

We give some popular images of the park and hope you enjoy these photos.

  • Jubilee Park Baripada
  • Jubilee Park Baripada contact number
  • Jubilee Park Baripada map


If you are living near Baripada or in Mayubhanj then the park is the best place to spend time visiting the place & enjoy it with your loved one. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about this place feel free to comment below.

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What is the Timing of Jubilee Park?

The park opens at 11 A.M and closes at 7 P.M of every day of the week.

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