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Hello Friends, Mayurbhanj is full of tourist places & Baripada is the center of it. Deuli Dam is one of the popular tourist attractions in Baripada, Mayurbhanj. The sunset on the dam is very attractive & beautiful. Let’s Explore the Dam.

About Deuli Dam

This dam is also called as Jambhira Dam. It is situated in Deuli Baripada. It is situated over the Jambhira River. it is one of the main tourist attractions in the Mayurbhanj District. It is one of the largest dams in Odisha. people in the evening go there to spend time. many couples go there for better timing.

Deuli Dam

Another thing is that there are no mountains like Arikul Dam in the dam. The sunset is the more attractive thing in the dam. people go very near to the river with the help of steps. there are no ticket or entry fees for visiting the dam. this dam length is 7.5 K.M long

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Deuli Dam Distance

It is a popular tourist destination place so people want to visit there so they need to know the distance. Baripada to Deuli dam distance is only 18 K.M, and this Dam to Jubilee Park distance is 19 K.M.

Deuli Dam Location

Deuli Dam Photo/Image

some dam photos can tell the beauty of the dam.

  • Deuli Dam photo
  • deuli dam eco park
  • deuli dam

More About Dam

Nearest Bus Stop

Deuli Bus stop is the nearest bus stand to the dam which is 3 K.m far from the destination place

Hotels Near Dam

There are some small hotels to eat food but not sure about staying these hotels are 6 K.M far from the destination place.


The dam is the longest dam in Odisha, the sunset scene in the dam is very attractive so visiting in the evening time is very popular, try to visit in the evening. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below.


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