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Hello Friends, Siddipet Municipality wants to make Komati Chervu Lake beautiful so they make Glow Garden Siddipet, which is one of the best gardens in the city. This park is also known as Komati Cheruvu Park or Night Garden. the park is famous for its lighting at night. Let’s explore the Garden in Siddipet.

About Glow Garden Siddipet

This garden is situated near Government General Hospital, Siddipet, Telangana. it is the best enjoyment park in the city. The park is built side of Komati Chervu Lake which gives it a more attractive view. the park is a light park

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In the park, visitors will find water fountains that are arranged in various lights, and many animal statues like tigers, giraffes, and Deer are decorated in light. trees are also decorated in light which makes it more attractive. basically in one word the park is decorated with light in such a very beautiful way that attracts visitors to visit the park.

NIght Garden Siddipet

There is also a 3D screen where visitors take photos of an animated tiger that looks like a real tiger. this park is also called Night Garden. The beauties of the park outcome in the night time so people go there in the evening times.

The facilities provided by the park are

  • Water Laser Screen Show
  • Boating
  • Best Sunset View
  • Night Garden
  • cable bridge
  • Children Ground

Glow Garden Siddipet Ticket Price

The Night Garden or Glow Garden ticket price is Rs.20 per person to enter the park.

Glow Garden Siddipet Timings

The Night Park Siddipet opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm every day but the light show starts at 6 pm to 9 pm every day.

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Glow Garden Siddipet Reviews

The garden’s review from the visitors is very good and the Google map review is 4.5 * out of 5 stars.

Glow Garden Siddipet Distance

This is a famous park beside the Komati Chervu Lake and the light system of the park attracts people to visit the park. Oxygen Park to the park distance is 8.5 km. Hyderabad to the park distance is 105 km.

Glow Garden Siddipet Map

Glow Garden Siddipet Photos

More About The Glow Garden

Nearest Bus Stop

The park is situated in Siddipet City so there are no problems with transport and there are many private and public buses available.

Hotels Near The Park

Due to the city area, there are many hotels and restaurants near the park so eating food is very easy near the park.

Best Time To Visit The Park

The park is open all day during the year and it opens at 9 am but to watch and enjoy the park you need to visit in the evening time for the best view and experience the night park in Siddipet.

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This is the famous park in the city go and enjoy your evening hours with family and friends and enjoy many features of the park. this is mus visit place so plan to visit the park. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the park feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


What time is the night garden in Siddipet?

The park is open from 9 am to 9 pm butt light of the park opens from 6pm to 9 pm.

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