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Hello Friends, Oxygen Park Siddipet is one of the best parks in the district. from city life, you can enjoy your weekends and free time with friends and family in the park. the first attraction of the park is pure oxygen so it is called an Oxygen park. Let’s Explore the park.

About Oxygen Park Siddipet

This park is situated near KNR Highway, Nacharpalle, Siddipet, Telangana. the park is built upon a forest where you find a large dense forest and a long walking path for visitors. the dense forest and the trees must attract you to visit again the park. the entrance of the park is very attractive and looks like a big tree.

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There is also an open-air GYM for visitors where the gym for free. there are many cement chairs for taking a rest while walking in the park. there is an open school type old model teaching system available where you can create a meeting.

Oxygen Park Siddipet photos

There is a watch tower also from where you can watch the full oxygen park from one height. inside the park, there is a kid playing area where all children’s playing equipment is available for the child to enjoy the time in the park.

Inside the park, there is a small shop where you get some snacks and cold water, and cold drinks during the park visit. the chanting sound of the birds gives you inner peace.

Oxygen Park Siddipe Facilities

  • Gates
  • Check dams
  • Rashivanam
  • Classrooms
  • Yoga Shed
  • Children Park
  • Butterfly Park
  • Solar
  • Banyan Tree
  • Borewell
  • Kunta
  • I-Land
  • Gazeba

Oxygen Park Siddipet Ticket Price

The Oxygen Park in Siddipet ticket price is given in the table.

Name Price
2 wheelersRs.10
4 wheelers Rs.30
Video ShootRs.300
Monthly PassRs.300
Oxygen Park Siddipet Entry Fee

Oxygen Park Siddipet Timings

The oxygen park opening and closing time is given below.

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Day NameOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday9 am5 pm
Tuesday9 am5 pm
Wednesday9 am5 pm
Thursday9 am5 pm
Friday9 am5 pm
Saturday9 am5 pm
Sunday9 am5 pm

Oxygen Park Siddipet Distance

The park is famous and it provides fresh air so many visitors want to visit the park with friends and family. the park’s distance from Hyderabad is 97 km. Siddipet to the park distance is 7.5 km.

Oxygen Park Siddipet Location

Oxygen Park Siddipet Photos

More About The Park

Nearest Bus Stop

The park is situated near Hyd – KNR Highway so there is no problem with transport you surely find the vehicle.

Hotels Near The Park

There are many hotels and restaurants near the park for eating food and staying at night.

Best Time To Visit

The park is open all day during the year but visiting in holidays/weekends or free time or evening is the best time for visiting the oxygen park.


This is one of the best parks in the district so visit the park surely for enjoyment and outside enjoy from the city life. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the park feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.

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What is Siddipet’s new park name?

Oxygen Park

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