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Hello Friends, you have seen many gardens but may not visit any Bamboo Garden. Let’s introduce you to India’s first Bamboo Garden Amravati district. this garden is a full nature-oriented garden in the Amravati district. Let’s explore the garden and know all about it.

About Bamboo Garden Amravati

Bamboo Garden is situated in Laghuvetan Colony, Amravati, Maharashtra. it is India’s first Bamboo garden. It is called as Bamboo garden because the garden makes of bamboo and there are many types of Bamboo in the garden. it is the major nursery of bamboo in Maharashtra. here you can find 65+ verity of bamboo trees in the park.

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Bamboo garden amravati timing

The garden is likely green due to bamboo trees which make it more attractive. the scenery of the park is very eye-catching so people go there for weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots in the park. It is a place where everything is using bamboo. There is also an animal house where you can find original dear who live in the park.

There is also a space where different types of Cactus trees are available. you can find a minimum of 40+ cactus trees in the park. these trees are beautifying the garden. the cactus garden’s name is Cactus world garden.

There is also a children’s garden where many child playing equipment are available for children who visited the garden. the garden is full of nature and this park is good for a visit.

Bamboo Garden Amravati Ticket Price/ Entry Fee

The Bamboo garden ticket price is Rs.20/- for one adult which is very low and you can stay there as you are not satisfied in the park.

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Bamboo Garden Amravati Timing

This is the first bamboo garden in India and it is famous in Amravati district so people want to enjoy the nature of the park. The garden time is open from 8 A.M and to 6 P.M. every day of the week and is open all day in the year.

Bamboo Garden Distance

If you want to visit the garden then you have to reach the destination place. Amravati to Bamboo Garden distance is 4.5 km, and the Oxygen Park to Bamboo Park distance is 1.4 km.

Bamboo Garden Amravati Location

Bamboo Park Images

  • Bamboo garden amravati entry fee
  • Bamboo garden amravati timing
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  • Bamboo garden amravati

More About The Garden

Nearest Bus Stop

Amravati bus stop is the nearest bus stop to the park which is 1 km from the destination place.

Hotels Near The Park

There are many hotels near the park where you can eat food and take food to the park.

Best Time To Visit

This park is open all day during the year so if you stay near the park you may visit during the morning time or evening time which is best for visiting the park.

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This is Bamboo made a park in the city. The atmosphere and the green bamboo are very attractive so if you are near the district then must visit the garden you never disappoint in the garden. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the garden feel free to comment below.


What time does the bamboo garden Amravati open?

The timing is 8 am to 6 pm every day of the week

What time does the bamboo garden Amravati close?

6 pm

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