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Hello Friends, nowadays people are acquainted with technology & live in the city so they forget about village life. Gram Yatra Bhavnagar, Gujarat is a place that reminds them of their missing village life. here visitors get a totally different atmosphere than the city. In simple visitors can enjoy the old village life in Gram Yatra, Leet’s explore the Yatra in the Bhavnagar district.

About Gram Yatra

Gram Yatra is the modern-day initiative for these people who missed village life and culture. It is situated in At- Sodvadara, Via – Fariyadka Sidsar – Vartej, Road, Bhavnagar, Gujarat. It is the best visiting place nowadays in the Bhavnagar district. People from all over Gujarat came here to enjoy village life.

Gram Yatra Bhavnagar location

There are all things made in village style even at home, Carriage all the things that are made in the old days. there are all the rooms are made of wood and bamboo. the authority provides many old days of games that the people love.

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There is an area for children’s play and enjoyment with child play equipment. there is a bridge made of bamboo which gives another vibe to walk on the bridge.

Facilities Provide By The Gram Yatra

  1. A traditional welcome to the guest
  2. Rain Dance
  3. Carriage Ride to the visitors
  4. Village Activities like ludo playing
  5. Agriculture farm tour
  6. Offer for spend time in Sandalwood trees
  7. Provides more than 25 rural village games to play

Gram Yatra Bhavnagar Ticket Price

They provide all the facilities of village life with quality food. The Gram Yatra ticket price is given below.

Time7-12 Age Ticket PriceAbove 12 Age Ticket Price
Half Day PackageRs.150/-Rs.299/-
Full Day PackageRs.199/-Rs.399/-
Evening PackageRs.200/-Rs.375/-
Gram Yatra Bhavnagar Price

Gram Yatra Bhavnagar Timings

There are different times for different packages provided by the authorities for Half Day Packages the time is from 8 A.M to 6 P.M and the evening package is from 3 P.M to 9 P.M.

Gram Yatra Bhavnagar Contact Number

You need to book the ticket before going to the compulsory place. the booking time is from 7 P.M to 10 P.M every day and the contact number for booking is +91 8866250303, +91 9998150707, +91 9054744040

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Gram Yatra Bhavnagar Distance

It is one of the best places to visit in the district. Gram Yatra’s distance from Bhavnagar is 18 K.M which takes half an hour to reach. Shakti Water Park to Gram Yatra distance is 305 km.

Gram Yatra Location

Gram Yatra Photos

  • Gram Yatra Bhavnagar
  • Gram Yatra Bhavnagar images
  • Gram Yatra Bhavnagar location

More About The Yatra

Nearest Bus Stop

Sidsar Bus Stand is the nearest bus stand from the destination place which is 8.6 km far.

Hotels Near Gram Yatra

There is no need for hotels because they provide food in the Yatra.

Best Time To Visit

The place is open always but visiting in your holidays is the best time to visit the place with family and friends.


This is the first agro-tourism place in Gujarat and it is one the best innovative place for the people who lived in the city and missed the village life. So visiting the place never disappoint the visitors. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.

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What is the Gram Yaatra ticket price?

They provide 3 types of packages and these three packages come under Rs.500/-

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