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When summer comes there is no way to have fun and adventures with family & friends except water parks. the thrilling and adventurous experience given by the water park in the summer season is unforgettable for the visitors. Water Park in Jamnagar There are many water parks near you but if you are living in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat then we have the best water park for you & which you can consider visiting. Let’s know the best water park in Jamnagar.

Jamnagar Water Park List

Jamnagar is a district that comes under Gujarat state and it is very famous because it is the largest producer of brass items in India. it is also called an oil city because it has the world’s biggest oil refineries. many people live here for their enjoyment in the summer days there are two main water park near Jamnagar these are

Water Park in Jamnagar
  1. Welcome Water Park & Resort
  2. Holiday Water Park & Resort
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Let’s know more about these two water parks and which is better for you.

1. Welcome Water Park

welcome waterpark

The welcome water park is situated in Jambuda near Balachadi Beach, Jamnagar, Gujarat. the waterpark provides many facilities to its customer at low price points. they provide many water games at a very low price point that attract visitors to visit the water park.

The Welcome water park ticket price is Rs.550 /- and in the price range, they provide lots of features like Group Booking, A ceremony like couple engagements, Wedding booking, Birthday Parties, School & College Trips, conferences of offices, and many organizations.

At that price, they also provide 15 types of water slides including BODY SLIDE, Foggy Rain Dance, Children’s wet play area, and much more facilities. In this water park, only families and couples are allowed which is a big disadvantage of the water park. this park opens

To know all the facilities and ticket booking about Welcome Water Park click here.

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2. Holiday Water Park

Holiday water Park Jamnagar

The Holiday water park is another waterpark which is situated near Welcome Waterpark which is only 6.5 km distance. this water park is situated in 2016. The park offers around 25 water and dry rides of extreme fun and frolic. Amusement is all that we offer and our prime concern is visitor’s safety. They strictly follow stringent measures to maintain their security.

The holiday water park offers double ticket prices one is DINKO & RATKO which is 450 & 425 respectively. in this waterpark, The water park in Jamnagar is Open for the water park (DIN KO) plan from 10 A.M to 6 P.M & for the Dinner (RAAT KO) plan opens from 6.30 P.M to 11.30 PM. & open all days of the year.

This is a very friendly water park and the staff is very friendly. you may book your tickets from their online websites.

Know all facilities provide by the water park by clicking here.

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In our opinion both the water park is very good in their field, both provide a long range of services butt at price point Holiday Water Park is the winner and for safety for girls Welcome water park is the winner in their field so you have to visit the water park as your requirements.

If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the Water parks feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


Which is the best Water Park in Jamnagar?

as per price point Holiday Water Park is the best for users.

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