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Hello Friends, are you looking to visit Oxygen Park Amravati, stay here I am with full information that you all need to know before visiting the park. this is a natural Garden in the Amravati district of Maharashtra state. Let’s explore the Park.

About Oxygen Park

Oxygen Park is situated in Sai Nagar, Amravati, Maharashtra. it is a full natural park full of nature in the district. the park is very beautiful and attracts visitors toward it for its nature. there is a large number of different trees planted in the park.

Also, visit Funland Water Park which is in Amravati district.

The park is full of statues of wild animals and birds like Tigers, leopards, buffalo, and many more animals. the park is usually crowded in the morning and afternoon just before evening time. this is a safe and enjoyable place where people can spend time with their loved ones. Also, family members can visit the natural garden.

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Oxygen Park Amravati

At every point, there are boards in which you can find the name of a bird or animal which is a good initiative by the park authorities. the people really enjoy the park in the city area. There is a big area for children which is full of playing equipment for the children basically a children’s park inside the main park.

Visitors can take food with them for eating inside the park and enjoy with friends or family. the par is very crowded due to its low price ticket with provided many facilities. The large ‘Shoe house’ is present as we can go inside, from there the view looks very beautiful.

Oxygen Park Amravati Ticket Price/Entry Fee

The ticket price for Oxygen Park is Rs.15 for adults & Rs.5 for kids.

The park is very famous in Amravati so people want to visit the park in their free time. The ticket price for Oxygen Park is Rs.15 for adults and the child whose age is between 5 to 15 is Rs.5 and below 5 age children for visiting the park with their parents.

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Oxygen Park Amravati Timings

Oxygen Park Amravati opening time is 6 A.M and the park closes at 6 P.M every day of the week. this park is open 365 days a year. You can also visit Chatri Talao which is in Amravati district.

Oxygen Park Amravati Contact Number

There is no contact number for the authorities and no online booking of the tickets. if you want to visit then the ticket slot is unlimited so at their time you may visit the park and get the ticket from the park counter.

Oxygen Park Distance

This is a famous place in the Amravati district .that people visited in the evening time for relaxation. Amravati to Oxygen Park distance is 3.2 km. Bamboo Garden to the Oxygen park distance is 1.4 km. Chatri Talao to Oxygen Park distance is 3.6 km

Oxygen Park Amravati Map/ Location

Oxygen Park Images/ Photos

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More About The Park

Nearest Bus Stop

Amravati bus stop is the nearest bus stop to the park which is 1 km from the destination place.

Hotels Near The Park

There are many hotels near the park where you can eat food and take food to the park.

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Best Time To Visit

This park is open all day during the year so if you stay near the park you may visit during the morning time or evening time which is best for visiting the park.


This is one of the best parks in the Amravati district in which you may never be disappointed by the park atmosphere so if you are near this area, must visit the park. if you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the park feel free to comment below. so we can add some value to our other users.


What are the benefits of oxygen parks?

In this park, you interact with nature, and there are many trees that make the atmosphere very good

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