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Hello Friends, Kotna Beach is one of the finest and most attractive tourist destinations places of the Vadodara / Baroda district. this place has a unique charm and enjoyment when visiting. another thing it is not a sea beach but it gives the vibe of the beach so it is called that. Let’s explore the Beach in Vadodara.

About Kotna Beach

This beach is situated at Kotna Village near the Mahi River (Mahisagar) bank, Baroda district, Gujarat. the place is recently gone viral and is popular among people. many people from the district and outside the district came to visit and spend time on the beach.

People come here for a picnic and spend the weekend with family also couples are allowed to visit the beach. the main attraction of the beach is the boating facilities. The water level of the river is low so you can enjoy bathing in the river. th beach usually gets crowded on holidays and weekends, so you can plan your trip to visit the beach.

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Kotna Beach photos

As a reminder it is not a sea beach it is a river bank of Mahisagar. if you are planning to do a picnic do not miss to visit Mahisagar Van which is also a famous place for spending time. On the beach, you can do boating, bathing, horse riding, and many more activities. they provide safety jackets while boating on the river. let’s know the activity list for the beach.

Kotna Beach Activities List

There are things you can do on the beach.

  • Horse Riding- Ride on a horse and visit the beach at a low price.
  • Camel Riding– Ride on a Camel and visit the beach at a minimal price.
  • Bathing– Enjoy sunbathing in the Mahi Sagar River on hot days.
  • Speed Boating- Enjoy speed automatic boating service by the boat club.
  • Kayaking– Self-boating facilities on the beach.
  • Family Boating– full family can visit on one boat and enjoy the time.
  • Couple Boating– couples or love birds spend time with each other in the river.
  • Peddle Boating– Visitors enjoy the water cycling by the peddle boat on the river.
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Kotna Beach Ticket Price/ Boating Price

To enter and for bathing on the beach there is no ticket price but for boating, there are many charges these are given below in the table.

Adult Rs.100
Peddle Boat 2 Seater (30 min)Rs.200
Peddle Boat 4 Seater (30 min) Rs.400
Speed BoatRs.300
Kotna Beach Boating Price

Kotna Beach Contact Number

The beach boating provider’s contact number is +91 9265633667 (Alpesh Bhai).

Kotna Beach Timings

The beach in Vadodara opens at 7 am and closes at 7 pm every day. you can do boating between these times.

Kotna Beach Review

People really enjoy the place. they give 4.4 stars out of 5 stars on Google Maps by 1100 people. which is a positive review of the place.

Kotna Beach Vadodara Distance

This is a new popular tourist destination place of the district so people want to spend time on their weekends. Vadodara to the beach distance is 17 km. Dhamal Masti Water Park to the beach distance is 135 km.

Kotna Beach Location

Kotna Beach Photos

More About The Place

Nearest Bus Stop

There is no proper public transport service available it is better to go with your personal bike or car to reach the place.

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Hotels Near Beach

On the beach, you will find some snacks like Goll Gape, Sugarcane Juice, and some foods for eating.

Best Time To Visit

The beach is open all day during the year you can visit in your free time but for picnics and enjoyment visit in the winter and summer seasons which is the best time to visit Kotna Beach also visit on weekends to enjoy the beach.


This is one of the best places to spend time with family and friends in the district plan your trip and must visit the beach and enjoy bathing with boating facilities. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the beach feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


What is Kotna famous for?

For the beach in the Mahisagar river bank

What is Kotna Beach famous for?

Kayaking and boating with various water activities

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