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Hello Friends, Make this summer memorable and thrilling with family in Dhamal Masti Water Park which is one of the best water parks in Surat. The park offers many water slides with free food for visitors. low ticket prices and multiple offers by the park attract visitors to visit the water park. Let’s Explore the water park.

About Dhamal Masti Water Park

This water park is situated at Rangoli Chokadi to Raj hotel road, Opp. Vidhya Mangal School, Block no-74, Dhoran Pardi Road, Navi Pardi. Surat, Gujarat. The water park offers many more facilities with the ticket price they include lunch in the ticket price. another attraction is they only allow families and couples inside the water park.

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Dhamal Masti Water Park Ticket Price

The water park offers more than 15+ big and small water slides. there are more than 2 swimming pools and one kid-playing area. there are also many small homes for enjoying the sunlight. the water park offers wave pools with rain dances. and also they offer rental costumes with a rental locker system inside the water park.

Dhamal Masti Water Park Ride List

  • 15+ Big and Small water slides
  • 2 Big Swimming Pools
  • Kids water slides
  • Kids playing area
  • Wave Pool
  • Rain Dance
  • Mushroom Umbrella
  • Tilting Bucket

Dhamal Masti Water Park Ticket Price

The water park ticket price is Rs.350 from Monday to Saturday and Rs.499 on Sunday.

Dhamal Masti Water Park Timings

The water park opens at 8 am and closes at 8 pm every day of the week.

Dhamal Masti Water Park Contact Number

The water Park’s contact Number is +91 9099311010 and the official Instagram ID is here.

Dhamal Masti Water Park Distance

The water park is one of the famous water parks in Surat so couples and families want to visit the water park. Surat to the water park distance is 27 km.

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Dhamal Masti Water Park Location

Dhamal Masti Water Park Photos

More About The Water Park

Nearest Bus Stop

Dhoran Pardi Road is the nearest bus stop to the water park which is only 400 meters far.

Hotels Near The Water Park

The water park offers food at the same ticket price also there are many hotels very near the water park.

Best Time To Visit

The water park is open all day in the year but the summer season is the best time visit to the water park.


This is one of the best water parks in Surat and they offer many facilities in the low range ticket price with lunch visit the water park for thrilling enjoyment with family. if you gave any suggestions or more knowledge about the water park feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


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