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Hello Friends, Silent Zone Surat is one of the best places in the city you can spend time peacefully. apart from the city and busy life, people visit to spend some quality time with loved ones. the place is especially preferable for couples and for photography inside the zone, you will find many things. Let’s explore the Silent Zone in Surat.

About Silent Zone Surat

This Silent Zone is situated at Gaviyer, Opposition to Surat International Air Port, Surat, Gujarat. The place is very famous in the city for its peaceful place. many said that it is a private farm but photography and visiting are both allowed in the zone.

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Near the zone, there is a beautiful park that is Kisna Nature Park which is also a tourist attraction place in the city. The silent zone is perfect for pre-wedding photoshoots and video shooting. the place is the perfect place for couples but there is no security guard be careful when visiting.

Silent Zone Surat photos

The place is very silent so it is called as Silent Zone. You can enjoy photography, beautiful scenery, and greenery all around you. What’s more, one can do pre-wedding photography of couples here. Usually quiet, few people especially youngsters on weekends.

Perfect construction and rivers, small canals, and many trees make this place more beautiful. this place is a very good environment for relaxation, meditation, and introspection. Inside the zone there many playing grounds are available like cricket grounds, basketball grounds, volleyball, and many playing grounds.

Silent Zone Surat Ticket Price

There is no ticket price for the place. entry is fully free the visitors.

Silent Zone Surat Timings

The Silent Zone is open for 24 hours but visit the place in between morning to evening.

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Silent Zone Surat Distance

This a famous place in the city people want to spend time in the silent zone. Surat to the silent zone distance is 13 km. Dhamal Masti Water Park to the zone distance is 41 km.

Silent Zone Surat Location

Silent Zone Surat Photos

More About The Zone

Nearest Bus Stop

Gaviyar Gam Bus stoppage is the nearest bus stop to the silent zone which is only 800 meters far.

Hotels Near The Park

There are many hotels and restaurants where you can stay and eat food near to the silent zone.

Best Time To Visit

The Zone is open all time the day but the best time to visit the park is on weekends you can spend time with yourself and get peace and also photoshoot there.


This is a must-visit place in Surat visit this place on weekends for peace and refreshment and get out of city life. if you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the silent zone feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.

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What is the ticket price for Silent Zone in Surat?

Free, The entry fee is free.

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