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Hello Tourist, are you want a sea beach in Balasore with a resort then Bagda Sea Beach is the perfect destination place for you. it is near Dublagadi Sea Beach. The beauty and eco-camp in nature must attract you to the destination place. Let’s Explore the sea beach

About Bagda Sea Beach

It is one of the hidden gem locations in Balasore as well as Odisha also Located along the Bay of Bengal. It is situated in Bagda near Dublagadi. The beach is famous for its relaxed & calm atmosphere. the beach is immaculate and enjoyable for tourists with a nature camp in which visitors can stay if they want.

Bagda sea beach

The main attraction for tourists is the crowdless seashore & red crab with forest surrounding the seashore. many tourists came from outside of Odisha to visit the beach. they stay at an eco nature camp which is a very cheap price for adult heads.

Bagda Beach Resort/Hotel

For tourist staying purposes & for enjoyment, there is an also eco nature camp named My Eco Camp which gives natural staying room & seafood like fish, Crab & Prawns at the lowest price. My Eco Camp charges only Rs.1300 Per adult for a nightstand.

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my eco camp hotel & resort

The rooms are made of bamboo which gives a natural feel like a natural home. the facility provides by the resort is very good even you do not need to call them for food they give you it at the perfect time.

There are also some Bagda sea beach hotels available where visitors find seafood, prawns, and many different types of dishes for eating & hotel booking is available.

Bagda Sea Beach Distance

Bagda Beach & resort is famous for its natural views & suitable sea beach many tourists want to visit the beach and took benefit of nature. You can go there with friends & family with children without any problem. Jaleswar to Bagda beach distance is 53 K.M, Kolkata to Bagda beach distance is 246 K.M there also railway train available to the beach. Balasore to Bagda beach distance is 25 K.m, Digha to Bagda beach distance is 90 K.m

Dublagadi Bagda Sea Beach Location

For tourists better travel to the beach and resort we give google map locations of the Balasore sea beach.

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Bagda Sea Beach Images/Photos

Images for Bagda beach & resort that describe the beauty of the location.

  • Bagda sea beach


The beach is very beautiful for its natural views and nature there is also an Eco resort available for tourists so if you want to spend time with nature on the sea beach and stay in the resort then the place is perfect for you. this is the place where you find peace and charm. if you have any suggestions for this place or more knowledge about this place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to other users.


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