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Hello Friends, are you looking for ant natural place with a waterfall in Mayurbhanj then Sitakund Waterfall is the perfect place for you. The waterfall is very near to Lulung so if you came to Lulung then must visit the place. Let’s Explore the Waterall.

About Sitakund Waterfall

Sitakund waterfall is located in Similipal National Park, Mayurbhanj District. It is only 2 K.M far from Lulung Waterfall. This waterfall is situated in Jungle Block. It is a tourist attraction place in Mayurbhanj District. The waterfall is surrounded by Hills & forests for why this is more attractive to visitors. also, visit Chaulabhaja waterfall in this district

Sitakund Waterfall

There is a history behind the name Sitakund that is Devi SIta stayed here for some days when Banbas so the place named as Sitakund. the best time for visiting this waterfall is the winter season. the waterfall is known for its pristine beauty and stunning views.

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The place is best for picnics, many tourists go there for feast & picnic. The way to the waterfall is surrounded by small & medium stones which give trekking vibes to the visitors. There are a total of 7 Kund or waterfalls for picnics.

Sitakund Waterfall Distance

Due to its natural views & picnic vibes, many tourists want to visit the waterfall and spend their free time with friends & family. Baripada to Sitakund waterfall distance is 22 K.M, Balasore to Sitakund distance is 80 K.M which takes 2.30 hours to reach. Sitakund waterfall to Devkund waterfall distance is 75 K.M

Sitakund Forest Resort Simlipal

There is also a resort available for visitors who wants to stay there for nights & enjoy the natural beauty that is Sitakund Forest Resort, tourists stay there for paying the cheapest price.

Sitakund Waterfall Location

Images for Sitakund Waterfall

Image & video is the main things that describe the beauty of the place we give some beautiful image of the waterfall.


Sitakund waterfall is must visit place in Mayurbhanj. If you are a nature lover then the place is suitable for you. if anyone plans to visit Odisha then don’t miss that place. If you have any complaints or suggestions about that waterfall feel free to comment below, so we can add some value to our other users & make our community better for all.

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How tall is Sitakund waterfall?

Sitakund is 30 Feet tall from the ground.

How many waterfalls are there in Mayurbhanj?

There are many small & Large waterfalls in Mayurbhanj but basically 5 best waterfalls in the District.

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