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Deoghati Waterfall is situated in Bogiapadar Village, Koraput district. It is located at 13 K.M far from Jeypore. The dense forest and atmosphere attract the tourist. there is no proper road to the waterfall, visitors have to trek the mountain for 1.5 K.M to reach the waterfall.

Deoghati Waterfall

Do not go alone always go with groups because the road and the wild animal are very risky. It is a famous waterfall near Jeypore. take food and water with you when you are traveling to this waterfall. the water flow of Deoghati is very high so bathe carefully.

Deoghati Waterfall Distance

This waterfall is famous for its natural beauty and mountain trek. Koraput town to Deoghati waterfall distance is 20 km. 13 km from Jeypore. there is also another famous Bari waterfall that is very near to the Deoghati you can reach by walking.

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Deoghati Waterfall Location

Deoghati Waterfall Images

  • Deoghati Waterfall Images
  • Deoghati Waterfall
  • Deoghati waterfall

More About The Waterfall

Nearest Bus Stop

There is no bus stop near the waterfall you have to go to Jeypore to get all facility like hotels & restaurants and all the facilities.

Best Time To Visit

The road to the waterfall is very risky so do not go alone. the best time to visit the waterfall is in the winter season.


There is no proper road to the waterfall so if you are a nature lover or love to trek mountains then visit the place. if you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.

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