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Hello Friends, are you visiting Similipal National Park then there are many Nature Camps for tourists and visitors at affordable prices, among them Kumari Nature Camp is good for nature and staying. let’s explore the nature camp.

About Kumari Nature Camp

Kumari Nature Camp is situated near Gudgudia Village, Similipal National Park, Mayurbhanj district. There are three types of cottages available for visitors to stay on nights and also there are different costs for different rooms.

Kumari Nature Camp Booking Price

Types Of RoomsPrice
Kumari Mancha Cottage3500 INR
Bamboo Cottage3000 INR
Santali Cottage4000 INR

In the nature camp, there are many things available for enjoyment these are playing games like football, volleyball, Table tennis, Carrom, etc and also they provide a cycling facility in the nature camp.

Kumari Nature Camp

In the evening or anytime you can visit the park which is attached to the cottages. and also you can feel and enjoy nature from near. The dense forest and mountains are the main attraction for the visitors. Visitors can visit Barehipani Waterfall in the Similipal National Park.

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Near you can visit Asurakhol Waterfall and also stay at Barehipani Nature Camp or Gurguria Nature Camp which are a few kilometer distance from the nature camp. you can book your cottage here.

Kumari Nature Camp Location

Kumari Nature Camp Similipal Photos

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More About The Nature Camp

Nearest Bus Stop

Baripada Bus stand is the nearest bus stop to the waterfall which is 65 k.m far from the destination place.

Hotels Near Waterfall

There are no hotels & restaurants near the waterfall due to the dense forest. But in Baripada you get all things you need.

Best Time To Visit

The Nature camp is open from November 1 to June 15. So tourists can visit nature in between these dates.


Kumari Camp & Similipal National Park both are natural places and enjoyable places for tourists. if you are planning to visit the national park then stay in this nature camp you can enjoy the nature. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to other users.

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In which district of Odisha is Simlipal National Park located?

Mayurbhanj Distrcit

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