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Hello Visitors, are you looking for a mountain trek full of natural beauty waterfalls in Bargarh District then Aapkhol Waterfall is the best place for you. it is a hidden gem in Bargarh District. It is situated in Debrigarh Sanctuary. Let’s explore this waterfall.

About Aapkhol Waterfall

The Aapkhol waterfall is situated deep inside Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary near Nalichuan village. To reach the waterfall you have to trek approximately 4 K.M from the village.

Aapkhol waterfall

Due long way to trek in between rocky mountains visitors must carry sufficient water with some food. wear comfortable shoes with the dress. it is a hidden gem location for visitors. To reach the waterfall you have to cross many small waterfalls.

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It is one of the best Secret waterfalls in Odisha, if you lover of mountain trekking then Chaulabhaja Waterfall is another hidden Gem waterfall in Odisha.

Aapkhol Distance

Aapkhol waterfall is very popular for its natural beauty & mountain trekking so many visitors want to visit the place. Bargarh to Aapkhol fall distance is 35 K.M. Aapkhol waterfall distance from Bhubaneswar(bbsr) is 352 K.M. Aapkhol waterfall distance from Sambalpur is 80 K.M, Aapkhol waterfall distance from Balangir is 115 K.M.

Aapkhol Waterfall Location

For better traveling & reach to the destination we provide a Google map location although after going to the mountain there is no mobile signal not working so mind your root for travel.

Aapkhol Waterfall Photos/Images

Images for the beautiful waterfall that describe the beautiness of waterfall.

  • aapkhol waterfall
  • aapkhol waterfall photos
  • aapkhol waterfall images

More About This Waterfall

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the waterfall is in the winter season which is October-January month of every year, if you visit in rainy season then much more water damage your dress with carry products.

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Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest bus stop is Bargarh Bus Stop which is 30 K.M far from the destination waterfall.

Hotels Near Waterfall

Due to mountain area there is no hotel to eat food & stay for night so every visitor need to carry snacks and some dry food for eating during visiting the waterfall.


This a hidden gem of Odisha as well as Bargarh, sole travel is very risky due to mountain trekking to the waterfall we recommended that carry first aid treatment box with some dry food. This place beauty is very attractive for visitors & this place never disappoint any tourists. If you have any suggestion about this post or more knowledge about this place feel free to comment below.


Which is the hidden waterfall of Bargarh?

Aapkhol waterfall is the hidden gem of Bargarh District.

What is the biggest waterfall in Odisha?

The Berehipani Waterfall is the biggest waterfall In Odisha

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