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Hello Friends, IndiaTour360 always looks for a new place with full information for that you can visit & enjoy the place. today we are with Blue Lake, situated in the Mitrapur, Balasore district. Let’s explore the lake

About Blue Lake Mitrapur

The lake creates in Mitrapur Balasore district is a man-made lake like the Sarisua waterfall. the lake is very Similar to Nijigarh Tapang Khordha because both are created after mining. It is an artificial lake. the BLUE lake MITRAPUR is very close to Nilagiri Hills.

The lake is always full of water whose color is blue so it is called as Blue Lake. the actual reason for the watercolor is not known yet. this place is also suitable for feasts with friends and family. the sunrise and sunset are very charming.

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Blue Lake Mitrapur

The hills beside the lake are very attractive and mindblowing for watching. usually, the place is not crowded but some people do cooking there. it is also called mini Tapang. The real thing is that Nilagiri Mountain increases the beauty of the place. The place is very near Panchalingeswar.

Blue Lake Balasore Distance

It is a famous place near Balasore & Mitrapur. Balasore to Mitrapur distance is 18 K.M. Bagada Sea Beach to Mitrapur Lake distance is 48 K.M. Bhubaneswar to Mitrapur distance is 200 K.M. that takes approximately 4 hours to reach.

Blue Lake Mitrapur Location

Blue Lake Mitrapur Images

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  • Blue lake Balasore
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More About The Lake

Nearest Bus Stop

Nuapadhi bus stop is the nearest bus stop to the place. it is about 3 K.M. far from the Lake.

Nearest Railway Station

The Balasore railway station is the nearest train Junction which is 15 K.M far from the destination place.

Hotels Near Lake

This is a rural area so there are no big hotels & restaurants but available in Balesore town.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the lake is every time of the year but winter is best for tourists.


The place is very similar to Tapang Bhubaneswar if you are near Balesore then we recommended to visit but if you see Tapang then no need to visit the place. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about this place feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


What is the best time to visit balasore?

Balesore has many places to visit like Bagada Sea Beach & nature camp, Sarisua Waterfall, Dublagadi beach so winter season is the best time to visit

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