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Hello, Friends are you in Balasore and want to visit a sea beach then there is an unexplored beach named Parikhi Sea Beach. This is an underrated sea beach in Balasore. you can visit there with your family at any time. Let’s Explore this beach.

About Parikhi Beach

Parikhi Sea Beach is situated in Parikhi Village in the Balasore district. the beach is very near to Bagda Sea Beach & Panta Sea Beach. The trees planted alongside the coast are the primary attraction. The red crab on the beach is very attractive visitors enjoy the sunset & sunrise is also attractive.

Many Visitors are unknown of the beach due to a lack of infrastructure and marketing, but actually, the beach is a perfect place for a tour on weekends & also on holidays. At Parikhi beach, you find a large number of red crabs that makes the beach enjoyable.

Parikhi sea beach

The beach has a forest where people feast and stay there is also a nature camp named PARIKHI SEA BEACH CAMP. Budhabalanga River combines with the sea at Parikhi Beach. It is a meeting point (Muhan) of sea & river.

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Parikhi Beach Disatnce

It is one of the best cleanest & nature-friendly sea beaches on Balesore so many people want to visit the beach. The distance from Balasore town to Parikhi beach is 21 K.M, and Bagda beach to this beach distance is 4 K.M

Parikhi Beach Location/Map

Parikhi Sea Beach Images/Photos

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More About Parikhi Sea Beach

Nearest Bus Stand

Padabadagan Chaka Bus Stop is the nearest bus stop to the beach which is 18 K.M far.

Hotels Near Beach

There are many more small and medium hotels for tiffin & meals if you want to stay then Galaxy nature Camps Dublagadi is best for you that is 4 K.m far from the beach.


The beach and place are awesome for travel. Nature never disappoints you & and the sunrise sunset with red crab is very attractive, So if you are near Baleswar then must visit this place. if you have any suggestions or more knowledge about this beach feel free to comment below.

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What is the distance from Balasore Town to Parikhi?

21 K.M Far

Which is the cleanest beach in Odisha?

Chandipur Beach

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