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Hello Friends, Kota has many visiting places in the city but the temple Maa Trikuta Mandir Kota is the famous temple of Maa Vaishno Devi Mandir in Kota. The temple and the surroundings took around 10-12 years to finish and publicly open for visitors. There are many things to watch and enjoy. Let’s explore the Mandir in Kota.

About Maa Trikuta Mandir Kota

This temple is situated at National Highway 12, Naya Khera, Kota, Rajasthan. the temple is a famous religious place in the city. The unique architecture and the temple is the main attraction for the visitors. the temple takes 12 years to complete and open for visitors.

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Trikuta mandir kota location

The temple opens in November 2021 for the general public. the entrance of the temple is very beautiful due to to lion statues made in front of the temple. the are also some points for clicking photos and artificial waterfalls, caves, and stone walls are very attractive. people from all over Rajasthan came to visit the temple.

There is also a cafeteria named Katra where visitors can enjoy their food and inside the temple, there is a proper table for eating food. the main attraction is the large Lord Siva statue middle of the area. you can do both visiting and begging for blessing from Maa Vaishno Devi at one time.

Inside the temple Lord Hanuman, Maa Parvati also worshiped and there are many animal statues are made like tiger, lion, deer, and many more.

Instruction For Visit Maa Trikuta Mandir

  • Shoes and belts are not allowed inside the temple.
  • Photoshoots are prohibited inside the temple.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed inside the temple.
  • You can keep your stuff for free inside the temple.
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Trikuta Mandir Kota Ticket Price

The temple ticket price is Rs.60 per head to enter the temple. and they also charge Rs.10 for bike parking and Rs.30 for car parking.

Trikuta Mandir Kota Timing

The Mandir in Kota timing is given below.

DaysOpening TimeCloseing Time
Monday7 am8 pm
Tuesday7 am8 pm
Wednesday7 am8 pm
Thursday7 am8 pm
Friday7 am8 pm
Saturday7 am8 pm
Sunday7 am8 pm

Note:- Arati time is 9 am to 10 am in the morning and 7 pm to 8 pm in the evening.

Trikuta Mandir Kota Contact Number

The temple’s contact number is +91 7690075000 and you can book an online ticket from their website.

Trikuta Mandir Kota Distance

This is a famous park in Kota People on every corner of Rajasthan visit the temple. Kota to Trikuta temple distance is 7 km. Oxygen Park Kota to the temple distance is 10.2 km.

Trikuta Mandir Kota Location

Trikuta Mandir Kota Photos

More About The Temple

Nearest Bus Stop

The temple is situated beside the Highway so transport is very easy to visit the temple.

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Hotels Near The Temple

Inside the temple, there is one big cafeteria for visitors who want to eat food and these foods are made without onion and garlic.

Best Time To Visit

The place is open all day in the week you may visit in your personal free time or in the morning or evening.


This is the best religious place in Kota to visit and watch Maa Vaishno Devi so this is a must-visit place for those who live near the temple. plan your trip to the temple with family and enjoy your free time. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the temple feel free to comment below so we can add some value to our other users.


Where is Trikuta in Kota?

National Highway 12, Naya Khera, Rajasthan

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