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Hello Friends, the capital of Odisha Bhubaneswar known as Temple City, there are a lot of temples. many people want to spend their holiday or weekend with nature in BBSR, and Barunei Hills & Barunei temple is their best option. Let’s explore the temple with hills

About Barunei Hills

Barunei Hills is situated in the Khordha District of Odisha. it is 4 K.M far from Khordha & 25 K.M far from Bhubaneswar. Green Hill is the main attraction for tourists. there are two temples that also attract points for visitors these are Maa Barunei Temple & Maa Karunei Temple.

Visitors enjoy the natural beauty of the hill & they also feast with friends & family. the place is not crowded but on holidays or on weekends usually crowded. There are man-made roads to reach the top of the hills. the place is really enjoyable.

Barunei Hills

The view from the top of the hill is very relaxing & enjoyable. people spend time on the top of the hill. Barunei hill height is 304.8 Meters from the sea level. there is also a water flow named Sitakunda Barunei people also called it Barunei Waterfall. Barunei Hill timing is open from 7 A.M to 6 P.M every day of the week but very crowded in holidays

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Maa Barunei & Karunei Temple

Maa Barunei is one of the famous goddesses in Odisha. These two temples are situated on Barunei Hill. the temple is situated 150 ft. high on the hill. local people speak that god Sri Ram lived for some days during Banabas so there is a stone named Rama stone that is the Barueni hill history.

Maa Barunei temple

There is also a place for picnics & feasting with family members. there is no issue with safety & security because a small police station near the place.

Barunei Hills Distance

It is a famous picnic & tourist attraction place near the capital of Odisha Bhubaneswar so many people want to visit the place & spend time with nature. Barunei hill distance from Bhubaneswar is 25 K.M. Barunei hill distance from Cuttack is 47 K.M. which takes approximately 1.15 hours to reach the destination place.

Barunei Hills Location

Barunei Hill & Temple Images

  • Barunei hill
  • Barunei Hills
  • Maa Barunei Temple
  • Barunei Hills

More About The Hills

Near the place & near Bhubaneswar many small & large food stalls are available with the name Maa Barunei Hotel & Barunei Dhaba. this is a famous tourist attraction & picnic spot near BBSR. if you are in the Khordha district or near then must visit the place.

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Nearest Bus Stop

Gada Khordha by-pass bridge on Jagannath Road is the nearest bus stop which is 1 K.M far from the picnic spot.

Nearest Hotels

For feast in the hills, some small shops provide cooking equipment for rent if you want to get this equipment you can go early otherwise not available for you. There is no online booking system available for visitors.

Nearest Airport

Biju Pattnaik Airport BBSR is very near to the place which is 29 K.M far.


The place is very good for spending time with friends & family. safety was given by the local police so we recommend visiting the place but be careful due to mountain trekking. if you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below.


Where is Barunei Hill?

Khordha District near the capital of Odisha Bhubaneswar approximately 25 K.M far

How far is Barunei Hill from Khurda station?

The distance is only 13 K.M it takes 25 Min to reach the destination place

Which hills are near IIT Bhubaneswar?

Barunei Hills are very near to the IIT BBSR which is only 2.5 K.M far

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