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Hello friends, in Odisha there are 13 festivals in 12 months and it is a cultural state in India.  Sudasha Brata is one of the main festivals observed in Odisha. In Odisha, all people know the culture of Odisha and Odia. the food in Odisha is extraordinary that is Pakhal Bhata. Every year in Odisha women observe Sudasha Brata.  let’s know about the special occasion in Odisha.

About Sudasha Brata

 the festival or Brata is observed on Tuesday only and this pooja is offered to goddess Maa Laxmi. In Odisha, all the women in every house observe this festival. From time immemorial This Brata was observed by women of Odisha. only married women can do this pooja. the pooja is dedicated to the goddess Maa Laxmi. 

This Pooja is also known as Fagu Dashami. On this occasion, women wear 10 small ropes in their hands for next year till the Puja. this is a very special occasion and happiness in the state of Odisha. On this occasion special Snaks or Pitha made by women that is Manda Pitha. let’s know the date of 2024.

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Sudasha Brata Date & Time 2024/2023

Sudasha Brata Osha’s date is 18 April 2024 on Chaitra Dashami and the time is 10 am. and 07/12/2023 (Thursday) in the 2023 year.

Sudasha Brata Jhoti

At this Festival women draw many pictures on the home walls and floor this is called Jhoti in Odia.

Sudasha Brata Jhoti

Overview Of Sudasha Brata Festival

Post NameSudasha Brata: Date & Time 2024
Date Of 202418/04/2024 Or Chaitra Dashami
Date Of 202307/12/2023 Thursday
Time10 am onwards
Visiting Place In OdishaMaa Ukulei Temple


This is one of the best festivals observed in Odisha. In Odisha, all the people celebrate this festival with family and relatives if you are an Odian or living in Odisha then you are most acquainted with the festival. Is the memory of many children who grew up big. if you are more know about the culture of Odisha and the festival let me know in the comment box.

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What is sudasa brata?

Sudasha Brata is a Festival in Odisha observed by Married Owmens of Odisha for family well-being or good health.

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