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Hello Friends are you in Jajpur town and want to visit & refresh your mind with you friends or family then there is beautiful and affordable park near you that is Jajpur Kusuma Park. which is located beside the Jajpur town. The park is one the best park in Odisha. Let’s Know more about this park,

About Jajpur Kusuma Park

As you know that Kusuma Park is situated beside the main Jajpur town. The park is open in 2018 by Jajpur Administrate. Kusuma Park is also known as Kusuma pond and Kusuma Pokhari in every where of Odisha. Visitors from every where of Odisha go to this mind blowing place with their family or couples. want to spend time with friends visit Nijigarh Tapang Mini Ladhak Of Odisha.

Jajpur Kusuma Park

Kusuma Park is not free it is paid park to the visitors due it’s location time to time it become more famous in Jajpur as well Bhadrak and other District in Odisha. This park is situated in 27 Acar area in the local and maintain by Jajpur administrative.

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The park is more attractive due to it’s different type of flowers and flower tree which is arranged in very good manner so the place is looking more attractive. The Jajpur Kusuma Park includes drinking water with Toilet system. The park wall describe about Gautam Budha Life story from start to end. For attract tourist the park management arrange many lights for eye catching.

Jajpur Kusuma Park Ticket Price

Kusuma Park is not free at all they charge a nominal price for every adult that is Rs.30 . They offered many service in the park. Main gate entry or Park entry price is only Rs.30/- Only and in the park they offered boating service in Kusuma Pond/Pokhari for boating they charge Only Rs.50/- per adult. Visit Koraput Waterfall with family.

Images for Jajpur kusuma park

For Visitors satisfaction and watch place before going to Kusuma Pokhari we give some beautiful images that describe kusuma Park in the image.

Kusuma Park Opening & Closing Time

Due to a famous park in Jajpur. The park open at 8A.M every day and close at 8 P.M between this time period any people can visit the park and spend the time they want. Mainly people visit in holiday and in weekends in this park. Every Monday the park is shut down after 12-january-2021.

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Many food stalls are available in the Out Side of the park for their visitors. Who wants to buy or eat food from locality. The park usually crowed in holiday and weekends and the main attraction to the visitors is it’s boating service for tourist also other people.

Distance From Kusuma Park & Google Map

if you want to visit Jajpur Kusuma Park then know it’s exact location with Distance from your place to destination. Bhadrak to kusuma park distance is 34 K.M. and from Jajpur town to kusuma park distance is only 2 K.M far. The main root is connected many buses which from bbsr and also from cuttack.

Hotels Near Kusuma Park/Pond

Hotels, Lodge and restaurant are available in high volume due to the Jajpur main town all staying facility available to everyone and Oyo hotels near Jajpur also available. any one can stay and enjoy the park.


I hope you all enjoy the blog about Kusuma Park Jajpur and if you know more about it feel free to comment us so that we can add that part in our blog so that other visitors get helped.

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What is the entry fee of Kusuma Park?

Entry fee of Kusuma Park is only Rs.30/- per adult and for boating in the Kusuma Pond they charge Only Rs.50/- and the park is closed in every Monday of the week

Why is Jajpur famous for?

Jajpur district famous for many things like Maa Biraja Temple, Kusuma park,Ratngiri Udayagiri and for much more tourist place.

What Is Jajpur Kusuma Park Hours?

Jajpur Kusuma Park normally open at 8 A.M everyday and closes 8 P.M everyday expect Monday of every week because this day the park remain close.

Is kusuma park open today ?

Yes Kusuma Park open everyday expect Monday of every week.

What is the distance from Bhadrak to Kusuma park?

bhadrak to kusuma park distance is 34 K.M and many private bus directly goes to Jajpur Town & Kusuma Park

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