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Gandahati Waterfall is one of the best tourist place in Gajapati District. If you want to spend your holiday or free time with nature then it is the right place for you. This is the main tourist attraction in Paralakhemundi. other famous waterfall you may visit in cuttack district is Deojhar which is very famous for it’s naturals views.

About Gandahati Waterfall

Gandahathi Waterfall situtaed in Gandahati Village. it is in Rayagada Block. This waterfall is named so because there was lived many elephants and forest animal which is no more today for that the place named so. The place is famous for it’s natural beauty & tourist attrcation.

Due to proper road and mountains many people visit there. there also feast spot & picnic spot available. there is also parking and ticket system for tourist. They charges Rs.20 for one bike and Rs. 40 for Auto as well.

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Gandahati Waterfall

There is a small park and main gate entrance in this waterfall they charges for park and waterfall maintain. The perfect time for visiting Gandahathi Waterfall is Rainy Season because these days water level are high so that it looks very attractive.

Many Local people sell Desi Hen (Chiken) feast. Tourist who feast there they have opportunity to cook & eat food there. There is Gandahati Ecological park which is another tourist attraction.

Gandahati Waterfall Distance

Friends as you know it is the best tourist attraction place in Gajapati District so. Visitors and to know the Gandahati Waterfall Distance. Gandahati waterfall distance from Paralakhemundi is 27 K.M. Gandahati from Bhubaneswar(bbsr) is 265 K.M & Gandahati distance from Berhampur 95 K.M.

This waterfall has no timing this opens everyday but in rainy season tourist get the best version of nature & during winter tourist visit there in huge crowed for spend free time.

Gandahati Waterfalls Map/Location

if any tourist want to visit the waterfall and spend time with their friends & family not know the road to the waterfall we provide the Google Map Location so you can reach at your destination safely.

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Gandahati Waterfall Images/Photos

Some photos of this waterfall which describe the beauty of the waterfall and the natural views of Gangahati Paralakhemundi.

Hotels Near Gandahati Waterfall

There is no hotels & restaurant near this waterfall but you cook food during the visit and enjoy the hours with your friends & family. Gandahati Waterfall timing is 8 A.M to 6 P.M. Nearest bus stop is Paralakhemundi bust stand.


This is the best tourist attraction in Gajapati District if you are a nature lover and want to spend free time with nature then we suggest to visit this natural place. i hope you like this tourist place & our post. if you know more about this place feel free to comment below so we add value to other user & make our community better.


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