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Hello Visitors, Ganjam is full of tourist places among them Ghodahada Dam Park is the perfect place to visit. The Dam & park has much more advantages. It gives a realistic view of the river. Let’s Explore the Dam & Ecospot Park.

About Ghodahada Dam

Ghodahada Dam & Ghodahada Eco-Spot are both situated 1 K.M distance from each other. the dam & park is located near Digapahandi, Brahmapur Ganjam district. It is one of the most visited places in the district. the Dam is situated in the year of 1978 by the Odisha government.

ghodahada dam

It is one of the largest dams in Odisha. The dam is created over the Ghodahada river which is surrounded by hills. the natural beauty of the dam is more attractive which attracts visitors to visit the dam. There is also a signboard that there are some crocodiles in the river. The dam is near the Ujjaleswar Temple.

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There is a picnic spot where you can feast & enjoy with friends & family for free. For staying in the room for a day they charge 3700 for two people.

About Ghodahada Eco-Spot Park/Wetland

There is also a newly opened park which is opened in 2022 and maintained by the Mangla SHG women’s group. the park has fees like Rs.10 for bikes Rs.20 for cars and Rs. 100 for buses. The park has a watch tower with boating features for the public. & a beautiful signboard of I Love Ghodahada Wetland for selfie lovers.

Ghodahada park wetland

The park has a timetable for opening & closing, park is open from 9 A.M to 6 P.M of the week & closed on Tuesday. The five features of the park are more attractive which are 1. Watch Tower 2. Boating 3. View Point 4. Mission Shakti Cafe 5. Wash Room these beautiful services are offered by the maintainer.

Ghodahada Dam Distance

Due to the popular tourist attraction place in Ganjam District, so many people want to visit the place. Ghodahada dam’s distance from Berhampur is 45 K.M. Its distance from Maa Balakumari temple Ganjam is 40 K.M. dam distance

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Ghodahada Dam Location

Ghodahada Dam Images/Photos

Some images/photos of the dam and Ghodahada wetland eco-park tells the beauty of the park.

  • Ghodahada eco park
  • Ghodahada wetland
  • ghodahada park
  • ghodahada dam

More About Ghodahada Park & Dam

Best Time To Visit

There is no best time to visit. you can visit all time but the rainy season is not good for visiting.

Nearest Bus Stop

Buripadar bus stand is the nearest bus stand to the destination place which is 6 K.M far.

Hotels Near Dam

There are some hotels near but you can stay in the eco-park which is a watch tower.


This is a very beautiful place in Ganjam District. The place is full of natural beauty. if you go to this place you can visit more than three places. If you have any suggestion or more knowledge about this place feel free to comment below.


Ghodahada dam on which river?

Ghodahada River

Ghodahada park & dam which district?

Ganjam District

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