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Hello Friends, Keonjhar district has many tourist destinations places and waterfalls among them many have developed till today, and Patahara Waterfall & picnic spot is one of them. This a beautiful place near Harichandanpur block. Let’s explore the waterfall.

About Patahara Waterfall

Patahara Waterfall is situated in Chandangiri hills, Gargadbahali village, Harichandanpur block, Keonjhar district. this is one of the good places for picnic spot in Harichandanpur. This waterfall comes under Harichandanpur-Telkoi Reserve Forest, which is a national park in Odisha.

Patahara Waterfall

The waterfall water flows between two hills. There is also a picnic spot in the mountain where visitors cook food and enjoy the time. the dense forest and colorful flowers and natural beauty of the mountain attract visitors to visit the place.

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The waterfall flows from top to bottom of the mountain. in the bottom area where the waterfall flow people cook food there and enjoy the natural beauty. This is an unexplored waterfall in the Kenjhoar district. follow us on Facebook.

Patahara Waterfall Distance

This is a hidden waterfall but slowly people know about that due to word of mouth. Cuttack to Patahara Waterfall distance is 180 K.M. Sonamuni jungle beach to the waterfall distance is 75 K.M. Ghatgaon Maa Tarini Temple to this waterfall distance is 30 K.M.

Patahara Waterfall Location

Patahara Waterfall Images

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  • Patahara Waterfall

More About The Waterfall

Nearest Bus Stand

Kalapat Bus Stand is the nearest bus stand to the waterfall which is 9 K.M far from the destination place.

Hotels Near Waterfall

There are no such hotels & restaurants near the waterfall you have to buy cooking things from the market.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the waterfall is October to April month of the year.

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This is a hidden waterfall & picnic spot in the Kenjhoar district if Government looks at the place & works for its development then it will be such a good tourist destination place in the district. If you have any suggestions or more knowledge about the place feel free to comment below.


What is the distance of Patahara Waterfall from Kenjhoar town?

60 K.M

Is there any waterfall near Puri?

No, There is no waterfall in Puri District & not it’s near

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